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Nicole M. Conger

Although Nicole M. Conger practices law, and she does so adeptly, she can’t be confined to a neat little box and labeled simply “an attorney.” The latitude of her career eclipses a conventional, unifying title—she is a skillful legal representative, an advocate, an activist, a friend, a servant leader, and a change-maker. And to the residents of Texas and nationwide, she is the powerhouse who fights tooth and nail for them in matters of labor and employment law.

Since starting her namesake firm, The Law Office of Nicole Conger, PLLC, Nicole has single-handedly resolved labor disputes against large and small companies in both state and federal jurisdictions. Whether she is defending her clients’ civil rights or seeking justice for discrimination, Nicole brings an avalanche of skill, chutzpah, and passion to each case and every client. And as a result, she’s made a slew of lifelong friendships through her love.

Perhaps it’s the intangible factors like her commitment to service that exceeds the gold standard or her compassionate nature that so impresses everyone she works with. One thing, however, is verifiable and unquestionable—the impact she makes in the lives of her clients. “I don’t stop caring once a case is settled. I follow up to remind them of the grace, prosperity, and light that awaits them in the future, and I offer myself as an anchor during any storm! After all, the most splendid rainbows come after the strongest rainfall,” Nicole shares.

For these, and so many other reasons, The Top 100 Magazine spoke with Nicole to learn more about her practice, the exceptional service she offers, and what motivates her.

Nicole, tell us about your firm. When did you become a sole practitioner, what type of clients do you represent, and how does the process work?

I opened my firm in 2017 with a laser focus on the representation of people or employees who experience sexual harassment or assault, or inequity based on pregnancy, disability, age, race, national origin, religion, FMLA, sexual orientation, gender identification, and other LGBTQ-related claims through the EEOC and litigation processes.

When a client comes to me, they are usually in an elevated state of emotional turmoil as losing one’s job is one of the most difficult major life events a person can go through. This is true whether they worked at a company for days, months, or years. I start by writing a lengthy Demand, Litigation Hold Letter and EEOC Charge. Then I send it to the CEO or chief legal counsel of the company and give them 10 days to respond. Nine times out of 10 the case settles, and for the remainder who do not, I simply co-counsel and file a lawsuit or claim in arbitration.

What makes your approach unique from other attorneys or law firms?

I think the major differentiator is my wholehearted involvement in every aspect. Most attorneys make an effort to not get involved in their clients’ lives or become emotionally engaged, but these are real people, not robots, and when they come to me, they’re going through a really hard time—it’s not only my job to listen and empathize, it’s something they deserve. Any attorney can file a lawsuit. I spend hours with each of my clients and get to know their personal stories, their families, and their passions, then I craft each of their cases with details that enhance who they are as a human to allow that narrative to echo throughout the end of their claims. I often get messages and calls from past clients telling me how much my approach eased the process, and I’m rewarded by helping them overcome their legal challenges. The most radiant part about my work is the inner growth and love that exudes out of my heart, mind, body, and soul!

What motivates you?

My journey is more than merely being an owner of my law firm. The impact and legacy I leave behind, as well as community involvement, is critical as so many people around the nation and globe need help. That’s why I travel often for the Human Rights Campaign, HRC WomenLead, Lambda Legal, Aids Services in Texas, and similar causes in other states, giving back with time, talent, and treasures. I aim to arrive at the gates of Heaven with every microscopic fiber of energy utilized and not leave any room for my potential to go unused. Nothing matters more than how you treat, tend to, and love others. We must follow and forge the wayward journey of passion in all we do and be the reason why someone believes in the goodness of humanity. Listen well, and always know that the most convenient way is often overrated. Everything worth doing is reached by using the aggregate of all that has already been placed inside of you.

Lastly, Nicole, tell us about your educational background and licensing.

I graduated summa cum laude from The University of Texas at Austin in 2006 in the top 2% of my class and earned a business management degree from the Red McCombs School of Business. My background in business allows me to lead clients in making some of the most challenging economic decisions, while balancing the emotions that clients face in everyday realties of their claims. I received my law degree magna cum laude from St. Mary’s University School of Law in 2011, where I was an associate editor for the St. Mary’s Law Journal, a member of the board of advocates, and clerked for the Honorable Emilio M. Garza on the United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit. I am licensed to practice in Texas and admitted in all federal courts as well as Texas state courts.

Nicole was recognized as one of the Top 50 Women in Law by The Diversity Council and included in 100 Women We Love by Go Magazine. She is a fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation and a member of the Texas Young Lawyers Association, the Austin Bar Association, the AYLA, and the Texas Employment Lawyers Association, among others. She is a donor for HRC Austin, AIDS Services of Austin, and Lambda Legal, and a campaign supporter of many democratic nominees.


Nicole M. Conger
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