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Paul Danziger

Paul Danziger knows the importance of a life insurance policy. At his investment seminars, of which he hosts many, Paul relates the story of his grandfather, a European immigrant who died unexpectedly from pneumonia while only in his forties. Because he and his wife had turned down a life insurance policy prior to his death, the family was left with next to nothing and Paul's father grew up in a loving but financially struggling household. The echoes of these struggles followed Paul's father into adulthood, even after he'd become successful in his own business. Growing up hearing this story inspired Paul to help others plan for their retirement and use the appropriate financial vehicles to cover their families, making sure that other families would not have to endure what his did. Now, as the founder of Freedom Financial Advisors of Maryland with nearly two decades of experience, he's doing exactly that for thousands of people. "My goal is to help people secure their retirement, to reduce their stress and get them a guaranteed income for the rest of their lives in the lifestyle they deserve. "This is very rewarding," he says and "This is what constantly drives me."


As a graduate school student driven by the mission to help people like his own family, Paul leapt into the finance industry in 2004 armed with an MBA from Kogod School at American University.  After working for a financial services company for three years, Paul decided to strike out on his own. In 2007, he founded Freedom Financial Advisors of Maryland, an independent financial planning firm with a wealth management division that helps clients manage their assets, and a specialization in life insurance with living benefits and safe money products. And he's been going strong ever since. Based in Bethesda, MD the firm has developed a streamlined and effective system for creating safe, secure, and profitable portfolios. After realizing that 50% of their clients are either retired or planning to retire within a few years, Paul and his team have meshed their clients' retirement goals with the goals of the firm, with the first being to ensure the safety of the portfolios, and the second being to implement strategies that will generate a good return.


In addition, Paul holds an insurance license, which allows him to help clients with insurance issues as well, providing them with life insurance products that give living benefit s. Paul and his team show their clients how to structure tax-free income through life insurance, as well as with fixed, safe products such as fixed indexed annuities. "In short, we deal heavily in financial products that offer a potential return when the stock market increases while the money is not left vulnerable," Paul explains. "If the market declines, the client doesn't lose money."


Paul's affinity for his clients and his sincere desire to help keeps them coming back time and again, and because he's about the same age as many of them, he can relate to them on a personal level regarding the things they're going through in life. "My whole purpose is to educate people and let them make decisions that would benefit them and their families," Paul says. "When we can play even a small role in helping people create a safe retirement that enables people to travel and see kids and grandkids, then we know we did our jobs." He's also careful to make the process as stress-free as possible and maintains a standard of openness and honesty with even the difficult questions.

When he's not helping clients make the best futures for their families, Paul enjoys spending time with his own, including his daughter Meredith, her fiancé, Jason, Meredith's daughter,  Cori, 13, and his son, Jonathan, and daughter-in-law, Suzi, who recently had their first daughter, Wyatt. Paul and his life partner, Gail Newman, have been together since 2006. If Paul and Gail ever marry, Paul is taking Gail's last name so he can be the next Paul Newman!


Paul Danziger

Founder & President - Freedom Financial Advisors of Maryland


Linkedln: Paul Danziger

Facebook: Freedom Financial Advisors of Maryland

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