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OWN founder and CEO, Perci Piétro, at The World Strategic Forum, Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, Florida 2019

As the chief executive officer of OWN Realty, Perci Piétro creates a world class, multi-solution experience for all of his clients. With a history as an entrepreneur and comprehensive experience, building several businesses from the ground up, Perci developed an idea to revolutionize the real estate industry when he founded OWN Realty in 2007. 

OWN is a full service, luxury, international real estate and business consulting firm with headquarters in Miami, Florida.  As CEO, Perci oversees a culturally diverse group of about 50 highly experienced, licensed consultants. They are professionals who assist clientele with residential and commercial sales and leasing, as well as business sales, expansion, acquisitions, and franchising. Perci explains, “We always place emphasis, on providing the highest level of service, through experience, accurate information, education and strong business ethics.” 

Born in New York City, Perci is of a Persian and Italian heritage and has a family history rich in culture and aristocracy. His mother, Princess Shahnaz Shakoori of Iran, came to the United States to become a general surgeon and later brought her mother and four sisters. Perci was named Percia in homage to his mother’s native country. His mother’s family is of a royal bloodline and are direct descendants of the Qajar Dynasty of Turkic origins, first settling in Azerbaijan and ruled Persia from 1785-1925. 
With an international family that placed a great emphasis on scholastic aptitude, Perci received his education both in the United States and abroad. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology, pre-medical from Wright State University in Ohio and earned a Master of Business Administration degree in international management from Lynn University in Florida. After college, Perci began his career as an entrepreneur and opened a New York style, upscale lounge in Miami Beach, known as W6. He then transitioned into real estate by acquiring, managing, leasing, and trading ocean front and other luxury real property in buildings such as Townsend Place in Boca Raton, 1500 Ocean Drive, Continuum, Setai and Icon in Miami Beach, and later more in the Miami Financial District at the SLS Brickell and Brickell House. In 2005, he founded World Real Estate Exchange, a successful real estate brokerage with over 200 associates. After gaining comprehensive experience in the real estate industry, his goal was to create a dynamic and global experience for clients by attending to all of their lifestyle needs. As a result, Perci went off on his OWN and his company was born.

What sets OWN Realty apart from other firms in the industry is the unique and innovative platform it offers clients. OWN stands for a “One World Network”, which links various real estate industry brokerage brands from around the world. This unique global partnership network enables collaboration between OWN and dozens of real estate firms on a global level. It is the first alliance in the world not limited by firm size or brand, which allows all real estate firms to participate and achieve a broader, more global reach. Perci explains, “There are millions of boutique firms around the world that don’t have international offices, so conducting business on the global stage is much more difficult. With the OWN referral network, the world becomes that much smaller and doing business, that much easier. We are essentially breaking down barriers with our international platform without having limitations which larger, franchise brokerages have to adhere to.” 

OWN Realty offers clients a complete concierge experience. OWN licensed consultants liaise with clientele, who are often absentee owners from around the world, throughout every step of the process, with all of their lifestyle needs. Most OWN associates are multilingual and through their extensive connections, they offer clients support in a variety of areas such as immigration, financing, legal and title services, appraisals, inspections, accounting, architecture, interior design, renovations, schooling, and other general lifestyle needs.  “Our team are committed to the needs of the client each step of the way, coordinating everything from initial introduction, to closing.” Says Perci.

Perci is fluent in multiple languages and through his extensive international travel, has gained invaluable experience in understanding and interacting with diverse people from various cultural backgrounds. He has successfully built relationships with foreign dignitaries, diplomats, and business leaders from around the world and has acted as an international consultant regarding many globally related business matters. Above and beyond all of his accolades, Perci advised that he enjoys mentorship and philanthropic involvement with various individuals and organizations. He explains, “There are two basic things, which seem provide meaning to the lives of most people in one form or another, growth and giving. I have found happiness, by always keeping these two things in mind”

OWN CEO, Perci Piétro,with Firm's licensed consultant, Ross Miller, receiving awards as a Top Business Broker in Florida for the third year in a row.

Ft Lauderdale, Florida 2019.

OWN CEO, Perci Piétro, with client, Mariana Godinez, president of Tiniciti Preschool, discussing franchising initiatives. West Palm Beach, Florida 2019

CEO, Perci Piétro, with the staff of The United Nations Association of The United States of America, discussing Climate Action, at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Coconut Grove, Florida 2019.

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