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Peter A. Mars


As a financial planner and consultant, and the founder of Gulf Coast Financial Advisors & Associates, a veteran-owned and black-owned financial firm in Baton Rouge, LA, Peter Mars considers himself a problem solver. “I love taking on complex situations and problems and creating positive outcomes for clients,” he shares. “My goal in every case is to listen, strategize, resolve problems, and present new opportunities for every person I work with.”


A man of deep Christian faith whose mission is to help people, this U.S. Air Force and Army National Guard veteran made the decision to open his own firm after realizing that many advisors and firms were more focused on meeting quotas than meeting the needs of the people they served. He set out to be a client-first advisor and created Gulf Coast to put clients at the forefront. “The client is the captain and I’m the navigator. My job is to let them lead, while I help them navigate the financial world, and offer them guidance,” Peter explains. Comprised of six members, his firm specializes in financial planning, retirement planning, and business planning, as well as consulting and insurance.


In addition to his passion for helping clients achieve their financial goals, he’s a devoted husband and father, with a new book and gospel album coming out in 2023. Peter sat down with us to discuss some of the unique aspects of Gulf Coast, and how faith guides him as both an artist and a business leader.


What are some of the services and products do you offer?


As financial planners and insurance advisors, my firm offers fee-based financial planning, complemented by a large portfolio of products, including investments, life insurance, and disability planning, as well as our vast knowledge of business, finance, and public policy. Unfortunately, many clients have not yet completed any form of estate or retirement planning, so we make sure they have access to lawyers, accountants, and other professionals, and connect them to the valuable resources we have fostered through relationships. Although other advisors might share their relationships, I believe what sets us apart is our personal touch. Before we work with someone or refer them to an outside specialist, we make sure that we offer the best fit for their specific situation.


Tell us about other ways you and your team are unique.


Getting people results that will change their lives is my goal. I put myself in their shoes, and even when hunting for products or partners, I think from the clients’ perspectives. I developed this firm with people in mind; to provide a real benefit, not just to generate revenue.


Although operating in the Greater Baton Rouge area of Louisiana, we have a national footprint that expands throughout the United States. We aren’t looking for just any client, we’re selective with who we choose. Our goal as a firm, and what distinguishes us, is being able to have a laser focus and a single mission— to treat every client as our only client. Whether we’re helping people collectively, or individually, the firm’s standards and values never waiver.


Tell us about your work with a local church.


My firm has been recognized as a leader within its market on many occasions, and I’ve enjoyed the success that goes with it, but the work I’ve done with the local church and its members is what I am most proud of. Even when some could not compensate me for my services, I was blessed to provide financial wisdom and strategies at no cost, helping them secure life insurance, organize budgets, or obtain disability. I enjoy working with clients in all socio-economic positions, from multi-millionaires to the parent trying to make it from paycheck to paycheck. I’m pleased with the accolades I’ve received in my career, but the greatest accomplishment is my beautiful family and my faith as my bedrock; both keep me grounded and give me purpose.


Please tell us more about your book and album that are coming out next year.


One of the largest epidemics we have in America is poor planning and money management. This rings especially true in marital relationships. My book, which comes out in 2023, will seek to shed light and prayerfully resolve this for many couples. I believe this book will be a divinely inspired solution for the marriages that are negatively impacted by the lack of coordination, planning, and cooperation of wealth that couples must learn to manage together after marriage.


I’m also excited about the worship (gospel) album I’m working on. I am classically trained as an opera and contemporary singer. My mentor was a performer at the Metropolitan Opera. I write my own music, so this is a passion project, and I am looking forward to what is to come!


A Prudential Financial advisor and an educator, Peter is affiliated with 100 Black Men Organization, RIG NATION, and the Global Prophetic Alliance.



Peter A. Mars

Financial Planner and Consultant — DBA Gulf Coast Financial Advisors & Associates


LinkedIn:  Peter Mars


Instagram: @theofficial_petermars

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