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Phil Kolarczyk, MPAS, PA-C


Meet Phil Kolarczyk, the visionary founder of The Phoenix Edge, PLLC, nestled in High Point, North Carolina. Phil's humble beginnings from a rural, blue-collar town in Pennsylvania to creating this holistic health sanctuary is a testament to his commitment to health and well-being.  It was shaped by his competitive spirit, exemplified by his college football days at Lafayette College, his academic achievements, and desire for continued professional growth and experience helping and contributing to others.

After earning his master’s degree from University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) he began his PA clinical rotations in a Texas clinic specializing in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).  While providing him with first-hand experience in delivering personalized health care, Phil envisioned a broader, more “total body” approach incorporating weight loss, nutrition, peptide therapy, and even a physical training component — laying the foundation for The Phoenix Edge.      

Having relocated and now residing in North Carolina, he made the decision to put his plan into action.  He found the perfect location that offers patients ease of access, comfort, and convenience in a very friendly and welcoming environment.

He understood that operating in a saturated wellness landscape, he would have to offer more than superior care. His goal was to provide a standard of care that would exceed expectations and provide a healing sanctuary where patients find solace, trust, and comfort.  

Illustrating his care and commitment, Phil assembled a dedicated and compassionate team of professionals in each of the specific areas of weight-loss, nutrition, HRT peptide, and physical training guidance. Success stories are rapidly emerging from numerous patients surpassing the 100-pound weight loss milestone, to others rediscovering hope through hormone replacement therapy.  

The success of The Phoenix Edge is driven by a distinct business model that centers on delivering affordable and accessible treatments via monthly subscription packages, independent of insurance coverage. It offers personal pre-screening and testing to determine each person’s needs and they work together to develop a plan of well-being that will help each person rediscover their true selves with the mantra “Be U Again.” The ultimate objective is to not only address current medical needs, but to proactively embrace a preventive approach to healthcare, envisioning a state of well-being rather than reactive medicine.

If you don’t want to settle for “Doing well for your age…,” unlock your full potential and rediscover the energy of your prime at The Phoenix Edge. Take charge of your vitality and well-being today. Their expert team is prepared to guide you on a transformative journey to optimize your hormone levels and help you feel and look your best. Experience renewed strength, heightened focus, and a revitalized zest for life. Don't let fatigue and low energy hold you back. It's time to reclaim your vigor and live life to the fullest. Schedule your consultation now and Be U Again! 

Phil Kolarczyk, MPAS, PA-C
The Phoenix Edge, PLLC

Facebook: The Phoenix Edge PLLC
Instagram: @ThePhoenixEdge

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