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Philip Jayhawk Chan


Philip Jayhawk Chan serves as the president and CEO of Lightspeed Investing, a prominent private investment firm with operations spanning across Kansas and Florida. His professional expertise in business development, relationship building, and leadership development has propelled Lightspeed Investing to the forefront of the financial industry.

Hailing from the dynamic city of Hong Kong, Philip's business background and acumen was initially forged amongst the bustling landscape of international commerce. Despite being groomed as the successor to his father's accounting firm, he found his own path within medicine, with aspirations to become a world class surgeon after settling in Overland Park, Kansas at a very young age.

As he pursued a master's degree under the renowned Kansas University Medical Center, this academic endeavor was complemented by what Philip aptly describes as a "self-directed MBA," where he ferociously went after successful people in business and studied greatness obsessively in order to find the right mentors to understand the intricacies of wealth creation done at the highest level.

Motivated by his desire to become an NBA team owner—a dream partly influenced by his upbringing in Kansas as a passionate Jayhawk—Philip embarked on the establishment of Lightspeed Investing.

Inspired by the success of John Arnold, the youngest billionaire natural gas trader in 2007, Lightspeed Investing has meticulously crafted investment systems and methodologies that prioritizes client success by generating satisfactory returns on a consistent basis. Founded by former medical professionals turned alternative investment experts, the firm epitomizes Philip's vision of financial excellence, ethics, and prudence.

His ability to cultivate significant relationships and secure pivotal deals has garnered the trust of important joint ventures and strategic alliances across various industries, leading to win-win partnerships and lucrative client results. This unwavering commitment to expand Lightspeed Investing's reach and impact has solidified its position as a true leader and paragon in wealth creation.

Beyond its primary role as a money management entity for high net-worth individuals, Lightspeed Investing also serves as a bastion of knowledge and education in short-term investing through teaching a learnable skill set, so the public can become more aware of its transformative powers when leveraged the right way. The firm recently received an invitation to Dallas, where they will be addressing an audience of 250 high net worth individuals and their family offices, with notable figures also participating in the event.

Fueled by a bold mission to empower 10 million investment-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and lifelong learners, Lightspeed Investing endeavors to democratize access to financial independence through proper education and mentorship, where interested parties have an opportunity to learn from actual doers who have been around this field for 15 years.

Philip’s evolution from medicine to the helm of Lightspeed Investing exemplifies the spirit of true entrepreneurship and remarkable resilience. Together with his seasoned team of professionals, they equip clients and learners alike with the tools to navigate and master the world of alternative investments so they can utilize the futures and commodity financial markets like their own personalized ATM machine.

Whether it is executed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, this platform has facilitated financial security, resilience, and independence in the face of uncertainty for many individuals already, with much more coming in the future. 



Philip Jayhawk Chan
President and CEO
Lightspeed Investing

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