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Quattro Capital, formed in 2019, is an alternative investment firm that currently specializes in residential, multifamily properties such as apartment complexes and mobile home communities. Their mission is to enact purposeful ventures that provide exceptional ROI through their four core pillars, which focus on the human aspects of doing business: It begins with people, and it’s for people. Collaboration leads to profits, which can then be recirculated through philanthropy. All of this is practiced and continually developed by each of the five partners and with more than 95 years of combined experience throughout nine industries, including the Global Fortune 50, engineering, supply chain, education, military, medical, and entrepreneurship, it is a synergy that is as successful as it is uncommon. Their primary goal is to help everyone involved by Amplifying wealth. Amplifying life. The Quattro Way.


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Chad Sutton, Managing Partner and Director of Acquisitions:

From a young age, Chad Sutton recognized his creative proclivities. While initially he pursued a career in engineering, working for prominent companies such as NASA and GE, he realized it was a role that deprived him of his time and geographical freedoms. Because of his unique mix of technical background and emotional intelligence, Chad transitioned into global supply chain, where he acted as an international negotiator and quickly learned about what he calls “Zero Sum Games.” In short, if Chad were to win, many others had to lose, and this was something he was not willing to accept. As a third-generation investor, Chad knew that generating income through real estate didn’t hurt anyone. In fact, it was a service that actually benefited people. And too, his unique background would be a significant advantage in the analytical aspects of acquiring properties. This, to Chad, was an “Infinite Sum Game”—a chance to serve communities, create jobs, provide lucrative investment opportunities for his investors, and improve the quality of life for others.

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Maurice (Moe) Philogene, Managing Partner and Director of Client Relations:

Maurice’s professional background includes a dual track career in management consulting and public service. He’s a now retired from his 25-years as a senior executive for Accenture and 22 years as a Lt. Colonel and federal agent of the US Air Force. Maurice added a third career as a police officer in Washington D.C. as a means to give back to the local community. His business ventures include restaurant ownership, personal real estate investments, and single and multi-family development projects in the U.S. and Mediterranean region, where he lives part time.

Moe, as he’s better known, is commonly referred to as “the most interesting man in real estate” because not only does he speak four languages, but he’s also unapologetic about lifestyle design, leveraging “Freedom Principles” of financial freedom, time freedom, geographic freedom, freedom of purpose, and freedom to build relationships…and he’s achieved each one and coaches others to do the same by using resources like Quattro Capital. As a worldwide traveler who has visited over 100 countries, he is able to engage people from all walks of life and as a seasoned businessman, he works with investors to educate them on using real estate to generate profits and passive income to live on.

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Dr. Erin Hudson, Managing Partner and Director of Client Relations:

As the mother of five beautiful children, Erin is all about having freedom in her life. Hailing from a background in chiropractic services, she pivoted to real estate to have more time for family and to teach them, as well as others, about building generational wealth and creating opportunities. While she enjoys seeing everyone succeed, she is especially focused on helping women get into the industry. In her role at Quattro Capital, she handles equity relations, working with investors to learn their goals and educating them along the way.

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Kim Wendland, Managing Partner and Director of Asset Management:

Kim is responsible for ensuring that Quattro Capital’s quality and financial expectations are realized. With a background in business, IT, global project management and real estate, complemented by a predilection for altruism, she not only believes that “by doing good, we also do well,” but puts that philosophy into practice every day. From working with property managers of Quattro Capital assets to supporting the Quattro Capital partners, Kim’s impact results in the fruition of business plans and everyone winning.

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Tammy Sutton, Managing Partner and Director of Transitions:

Tammy is the proud mother of three, Chad among them, and grandmother of six. Her background as an educator for 15 years fostered her passion for helping others, especially children. Now, Tammy focuses that enthusiasm on improving their environments and helping their families secure suitable housing. Tammy’s role is director of transitions, meaning she is responsible for the critical handoff between acquisitions and asset management, ushering the loan through the closing scramble, and setting the project up for success in its early days. In her own words, “This was not something I dreamed I’d ever be doing, but I’m having a great time doing it.”

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Moe, what makes Quattro Capital unique?

We don’t really compare ourselves to anyone—what anyone else is doing is irrelevant. We just make sure our partners can achieve our collective goal to assist residents. While it’s true that we have a duty and obligation to generate revenue, we’re doing it the right way—with integrity. We have a strict “no slumlords” policy because the home is a sanctuary. We take our fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. Before taking anyone’s money, we make sure it’s the right fit for the investment, and, of course, the investment performs well, but prior to that, there’s a rigorous process to make sure it’s a sensible, mutually beneficial decision.

Erin, How does this benefit investors?

It’s about achieving life dreams and goals. There’s a massive number of investors who are working professionals with high-paying jobs, but their greatest struggle is time and achieving the goals they want for their families and legacies. What Quattro can do for them is help with bridging cash flow, finding ways to pay for colleges, and attain the lifestyle they want. We’re all about changing lives for the better. We also want to inform people of alternative investing, outside of the stock market. Our investments allow people to be more involved in the process. At Quattro, we treat investors as partners. We offer syndications and joint ventures so that by investing in us, you’re investing with us. 

Lastly, Chad, what drives the team? Why do they do this?

As a team, we love making old things new—improving buildings, properties, neighborhoods in many cases, as well as people’s lives. The team has great synergy, so there’s a culture where we empower each other and make things happen together. The work we do contributes, makes a difference, and regardless of our backgrounds, that is the common denominator.

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