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Rania Major

In the heart of the bustling legal landscape, Rania Major stands as a stalwart figure, a legal luminary with a career spanning over three and a half decades. Owner and president of Rania Major PC, she's earned the moniker "The Pitbull Lawyer," a title that echoes her tenacious advocacy and unyielding pursuit of justice.


With a passion ignited by the complexities of the law, Rania's legal forte encompasses criminal law, personal injury, and family law, channels through which she champions the cause of the marginalized. Not limited by the conventional bounds of her profession, Rania also delves into workers' compensation, civil rights, and landlord-tenant disputes, leaving no stone unturned in her mission to safeguard the rights of the vulnerable, oftentimes as pro bono.


Rania’s clientele spans the spectrum, but it's the underdogs she champions: minorities, the LGBTQ community, the disabled, the bedridden—the unsung heroes of the working class. Her trilingual prowess in German, Spanish, and English, along with her smattering of sign language, eases the discourse with her diverse clientele.


Rania’s academic pedigree includes studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a law degree from Cumberland School of Law, and international studies at the University of Heidelberg. As a lawyer and parliamentarian for the Pennsylvania Federation of Democratic Women, her political endeavors epitomize her commitment to change.


In a legal landscape often tainted by cynicism, Rania Major shines as a beacon of compassion, evidence that the pursuit of justice is intertwined with the betterment of humanity.


Rania Major
Rania Major PC


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