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Joseph and Eric appear in the Top 100 

People in Real Estate Magazine

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Slide 1:  Eric Martin  Slide 2: Joseph Back

Joseph Back and Eric Martin


Rapid Fire Home Buyers has been dedicated to improving communities one house at a time since its founding by Joseph Back in 2019. He started the fledgling enterprise in a single room with just two employees—himself and COO, Eric Martin. Today, with 25 team members and 250% year-over-year revenue growth, Rapid Fire is one of the Southeast’s fastest-growing real estate companies, with offices in Montgomery, Alabama; Lexington, Kentucky; and a third location set to open in Columbus, Georgia in the coming months. The company’s flipping and wholesaling model allows homeowners to sell their homes without going through a realtor, making repairs, or paying closing costs. The result? A faster, more convenient experience for sellers and beautiful homes for the community. And unlike other buyers that make hollow offers from afar, Rapid Fire is a local firm with a uniquely personal approach. The Rapid Fire team meets with every homeowner to understand their issues and design a tailored solution to fit their problems. With a network of thousands of investors, they’ve purchased over 500 homes valued at $60 million. As Joseph and Eric lead a thriving company, they’re also lifting up others through their involvement with local and national organizations, hosting monthly events for charities, and their new annual home giveaway initiative. “We’re already improving communities, but we want to do more. That’s what drives everyone here,” Eric says.


Joseph Back

Joseph Back started in real estate in 2018 while working for a local investor after graduating from the University of Kentucky with a degree in finance. During that time, he learned a significant amount about the industry by building a direct-to-seller acquisitions arm for his employer and helping to grow that company exponentially; however, there was little room for advancement. Just as Joseph began contemplating a career move, his fiancé, now-wife, Kristen, was accepted to veterinarian school at Auburn University in Alabama. After settling in to the Montgomery area, Joseph decided to bring the experience and skills he gained in Kentucky to Alabama, and quickly founded Rapid Fire Home Buyers. Now, at the age of 25, Joseph owns 150 rentals between Alabama and Kentucky, and looks to expand the Rapid Fire brand. His 10-year goal is to reach an additional 47 markets across the county and scale up to buying 15,000 houses per year, while continuing to improve communities one house at a time.


Eric Martin

Eric Martin met Joseph while also attending the University of Kentucky. Eric graduated with a degree in finance, and got in to real estate right away through an internship as a real estate investment analyst. After his internship was over, he took a leap of faith, packed all his belongings in his car, and moved to Alabama to join Rapid Fire Home Buyers. He was the second member of the team, sharing a small office with Joseph, handling everything that came along with starting a new company. After helping to significantly grow the company, Eric now holds the role of chief operating officer. He specializes in finding and purchasing off-market distressed properties, selling inventory, building and managing relationships with investors, and spearheading strategic plans that continue to increase the company’s revenue 250% year after year. Eric, who has sold over $21 million to investors and has built a personal rental portfolio of $2.8 million by the age of 25, has undoubtedly immersed himself in the real estate world. While he continues to drive company growth, he is also passionate about serving the people and the communities in which the company resides.


Joseph Back

Founder & CEO — Rapid Fire Home Buyers



Eric Martin

COO — Rapid Fire Home Buyers




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