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Reagan Wagner

If you could infer only a single message from the Bible, it would almost certainly be to heed The Golden Rule. This is a principle that Reagan Wagner has woven into every aspect of his life.

Guided by his faith, Reagan is a servant Christian leader who is bringing an ecclesiastical perspective to finance. He has infused his firm, NFA Wealth Management, with a spiritual energy that is both distinctive in the industry and well-received by clients. In a time when most of the world perpetuates a self-serving and egocentric attitude, Reagan prescribes to the scriptural passage in Galatians 5:13-14:  “Life by the Spirit: You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love. For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Reagan believes that these values not only have a place in business, but can be an indispensable guide to navigating around many of the most common pitfalls of an industry that is plagued by avarice. Based on his firm’s $1.8 billion in advisory and brokerage assets, it’s obvious that their thousands of clients agree. It is the quintessential embodiment of their motto: "Making your dreams and goals a priority."

From their corporate headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, to their offices in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Florida, Washington, Mississippi, and Puerto Rico, NFA Wealth Management partners with more than 50 advisors and 200 insurance agents who uphold the company’s pledge to embrace The Five F’s: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, and Fun. Both the size of the organization and their multitude of affiliates allow for a full suite of services and multiple levels of support, all of which foster long-term financial relationships and a culture of exceeding client expectations.

We spoke with Reagan about his ideals and how they’ve been integrated in NFA Wealth Management, and how this unique and moral approach to finance is attracting investors en masse.

Reagan, what are your primary responsibilities as president and CEO?

My role is to deliver guidance for our long-term vision and ensure that our objectives are realized. I provide training, education, and support for the advisors affiliated with our firm, and oversee our private client group, which entails the creation and implementation of five-star standards of service.

What services do you offer private clients?

We coordinate with the client’s providers, such as accountants and attorneys, or we can engage these services on their behalf, so that the strategy is inclusive of integral tax and legal components. We offer 401K, life insurance, portfolio and institutional wealth management, service and review of benefit programs, third party administrator review and selection assistance, and all the nuts and bolts behind financial planning. Our clientele just don’t have the time to deal with five or six different people, so we become their financial advocate and their virtual CFO. Because we are a fiduciary, we also work with the multiple custodians and carriers and remain product and company agnostic.

What is the importance of succession and continuity planning and how do you work with business owners to implement these strategies?

The importance of these plans is to allow for the transition of wealth between generations and ultimately, continue the legacy that the business owner has worked to achieve. We set up an interview and use a questionnaire to help us understand their values and goals in relation to how they want to transition, be it a family member or third party. We work collaboratively with their legal and tax teams to construct a program that aligns with the desired outcome, whether it is retirement, inheritance, or long-term planning for other objectives.

How long have you been in the field and what compelled you to start the company? 

I’ve been in the field of financial planning for two decades. What compelled me to start the company is, in a word, family. My father founded an insurance business in 1981. At the time, I was working for a large corporation. My wife convinced me that as an owner, I’d have the liberty to incorporate our values into the acumen. Soon after, I founded NFA Wealth Management to work in conjunction with my father’s insurance company. A few years later, we joined forces and by the grace of God, we were successful enough to facilitate subsequent mergers with other companies. We purchased a fledgling investment company and have since continued to grow and cultivate mutually beneficial affiliations. And it all stemmed from my wife’s suggestion nearly 20 years ago.

What are a few of your greatest professional accomplishments? 

We are a team-based company, affectionately referred to it as the “NFA family” because everybody’s opinion matters, and everyone has a voice. That being said, my greatest professional accomplishment is being able to lead that family and benefit the clients we represent. The world is a “me” world right now, and it should be an “us” world. We, as people and as business leaders, need to work to bring that back. I believe the Lord called me to serve others and this is the foundation for any achievement. This service has allowed us to be an LPL Financial Chairman Club member, which is the top 5% of advisors in their network. We have been able to maintain and qualify for multiple years at the Million Dollar Roundtable Top of the Table, which is the highest level of MDRT member. Our greatest success is having grown a company with no advisory assets to a firm that services over $1.8 billion in advisory and brokerage assets across multiple platforms.

Reagan holds series 6, 63, 7. 24 licensed through LPL Financial and series 65 license through Strategic Financial Concepts LLC. He is also a winner of the “Texas Monthly 5 Star Award.” He has spoken at FI360 on Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans and was published in the Captive Insurance Review. NFA Wealth Management is credentialed as an Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ), which allows Reagan to have supervisory responsibilities for agents and advisors affiliated with the firm.

Reagan Wagner
CEO and President, NFA Wealth Management

2022 Update:


When we last spoke with Reagan Wagner, he was bringing a human-first and faith-inspired approach to the financial industry as CEO and president of NFA Wealth Management, a family company started in 1981 by his father. And he continues to do just that. NFA’s family and client-centric atmosphere puts advisors and clients at ease, representing the calm in the uncertainty of today’s market. NFA also boasts their Premier Wealth Program that manages assets for advisors, allowing them to outsource administration to NFA and focus solely on their clients. They also offer business and advisor coaching in a noncompetitive atmosphere. “We have an abundance mentality,” he explains. “There’s enough for everyone to be successful, and it’s my job to make that possible.”


Despite the recent COVID-19 pandemic, NFA continued to grow by drawing upon strategies used during the 2008 crash and capitalized on the expertise and experience of the entire NFA team. “That really helped us get through the market high of last year into the lull of this year,” Reagan says. He remains a member of the LPL Financial Chairman Club and the Million Dollar Round Table, and very active in his church. Reagan’s church community has inspired NFA’s dedication to the 5 F’s: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, and Fun. Combined, these values uplift and support everyone, staying adaptable and nimble in an ever-evolving market, and of course, having a great time doing it. “You have to have fun,” Reagan says. “You have to love what you do.” These values are so important that they even have their own dedicated set of KPIs and are incorporated as daily priorities.


That’s why Reagan’s greatest accomplishments aren’t based in numbers, but in helping advisors and clients reach their retirement goals, and grow their businesses, and attain their version of financial success. “The plaques and awards don’t compare to the feedback we receive from helping people,” he says. “I enjoy seeing growth on both the advisor and client side and seeing plans come to fruition. If I do it right, everyone is taken care of.”

Reagan Wagner

CEO & President — NFA Wealth Management, Strategic Financial Concepts, LLC


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