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Rick Callaway

In the dynamic landscape of business, safeguarding assets is paramount. Rick Callaway, a seasoned commercial insurance broker with over three decades of expertise, stands as a beacon of assurance for companies worldwide. As a client advisor at Acrisure, Rick’s mission transcends mere transactions; it's about forging enduring relationships rooted in trust and tailored solutions.

Rick's journey is one of unparalleled dedication. Licensed across all 50 states, his specialty lies in protecting diverse ventures, from manufacturers to brewers, distillers, and beyond. Unlike conventional brokers, Rick delves deeper, deciphering the intricate financial tapestry of each client's enterprise to craft bespoke policies. "At 73, I'm still in the trenches," Rick shares. His commitment to excellence is unwavering, buoyed by an innate understanding of entrepreneurial challenges. This profound empathy stems from his own tenure as a business owner, amplifying his ability to anticipate and mitigate risks.

In embracing the digital age, Rick remains at the vanguard. His monthly television show, aired on Executive Talk Network and major streaming platforms, serves as an educational platform, demystifying insurance nuances. Complementing this, his blog, Rick Callaway Commercial Insurance Broadcast, disseminates invaluable insights tailored to diverse industries.

For Rick, insurance transcends paperwork; it's a testament to enduring partnerships. Through proactive engagement and technological acumen, he navigates the ever-evolving terrain of risk management with finesse, ensuring clients emerge resilient amidst uncertainty. As businesses strive for success, Rick Callaway stands as a steadfast ally, illuminating the path to prosperity amidst the intricacies of commercial insurance.

Rick Callaway

Client Advisor



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