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Rob Allen


Rob Allen knows exactly how daunting transformation projects are for companies, with the major investments required and a consistent 70% failure rate, and yet how necessary these projects are for real growth. He spent over 30 years at IBM as a divisional turnaround specialist, taking underperforming divisions and transforming them into high-performing ones with his insight and innovation. “I consider myself blessed to have the opportunity at IBM to learn to do divisional turnarounds successfully,” he says. “After leaving IBM, I felt I could, in turn, help other companies succeed. That’s why I started Aligned Outcomes Corporation.” What began nine years ago as a small consultancy venture has since evolved into a rapidly growing firm serving industries including aerospace, financial services, health care, and post-secondary universities. With demand climbing for their services and insight, AO has seen its revenue double in 2021, again in 2022, with a forecasted repeat 2023.


Based in Calgary, Alberta, AO’s innovative team works with companies of all sizes throughout North America to solve transformation challenges quickly and cost effectively via industry-leading “Enterprise Digital Twin” technology. Currently, AO is helping their post-secondary education clients across Canada leverage industrial innovations to improve their operating models. Both clients and the AO team love the inclusive, diverse culture of the company that Rob, with his decades of executive leadership experience, has cultivated, earning him a place among thought leaders in business transformation for building enthusiastic, high-performing teams.


Rob’s experience in client-facing, executive roles for both IBM’s Global and North Europe Regional teams and with Canada’s Energy Sector allows him multifaceted insight into the complex inner workings of all kinds of companies, and where they can excel beyond the competition. “We help companies do their own complex transformations faster compared to the Big 4 consulting firms,” he says. “We get these projects done in two-thirds the time and half the budget.” While getting companies where they want to be is gratifying, for Rob, it’s about the AO team. His love for employee engagement and how it impacts transformation projects is even the focus of his doctoral research at the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business.  “I love developing this high-performance team of young individuals who delight our clients every day.”


Rob Allen

CEO & Founder — Aligned Outcomes Corporation



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