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Robert Wolfe, CFP®


For over three decades, Rob Wolfe enjoyed tenures as managing director for a regional office of  United Capital Financial Advisers, and subsequently the international firm that acquired them, a partner at Compu-Val Investments, Inc., and an adjunct professor at Florida Atlantic University, and an entrepreneur. He’s appeared as a recurring guest on CNBC’s “Making Your Money Work” segment of their “Power Lunch” program, and in Financial Planning and Horsemouth, and has been quoted multiple times in the Wall Street Journal. Today, he brings it all to bear as managing director of Apollon Wealth Management, a rapidly growing national and independent RIA with over 30 locations nationwide. As Rob spearheads an advanced wealth planning team based in their Charleston, South Carolina, office, he specializes in customized, sophisticated wealth management strategies for ultra-high-net-worth families, including founders of successful middle market businesses, specialty surgeons and physicians, professional athletes and coaches, as well as founders, partners, and executives of private investment companies.


But Rob brings not only his wealth of knowledge to those he serves here, but a profound desire to help people and a special affinity for his Southern neighbors, for while he landed in South Carolina from Florida in December 2021, he and his family have been a part of the fabric of the community for over 15 years, when they purchased their second home in Greenville, and are now proud to call Charleston their home. “We’ve been blessed to make many good friends here over the years,” Rob says, “It was not by coincidence that Apollon moved me to South Carolina . I had been searching for an opportunity to live and work here.”


Rob  guides his clients with the same empathy, skill, and knowledge that have helped  hundreds  of families throughout his career. As a serial entrepreneur who founded a business exit plan consulting company, Integritas Transition Consultants, and created The Wealth Empowerment Formula™, a comprehensive wealth management client advice delivery system, Rob appreciates the complexities and demands of running a business. “I know how hard it can be to find the time to run a company and tend to the management of your own financial future,” he says. To take stress out of their hectic lives, Rob offers sophisticated services, including enhanced cash management and tax minimization strategies, asset and creditor protection, retirement plans, and more. But his dedication to helping others extends beyond his role and into the community.


Rob sat down with us to share more about his work, and how his Wealth Empowerment Formula™ is helping his clients reach their goals while also helping other advisors succeed.


How is your approach different from other advisors, Rob?


Advisors can thrive in one of three ways: be better, cheaper, or different. But those are mutually exclusive. I choose better. But any advisor can say they’re better; we know we must demonstrate that  we’re better, and we prove that every day. Everything we do is based on empathy. Our job is to understand their goals, and then help them navigate the deliberate actions they need to  take to improve their situations and move them closer to what is most important to them. There are many elements that no one can control—stock market volatility, a pandemic, recessions, inflation—and this chaos can make anyone’s head spin as they try to figure out, “Well, what can I control, if anything?” That’s in part what gave me the idea for the Wealth Empowerment Formula™, to make it simple, easy to follow, in bite-sized pieces.


Tell us more about your Wealth Empowerment Formula™ and how it benefits your clients.


Our clients are savvy, but busy. They don’t have time for laboriously detailed assessments or printed financial plans weighing over 10 pounds, so I developed a systematic, easy-to-understand process. We organize and analyze every aspect of their financial life, and present them with a single, color-coded page of results. Red areas need immediate improvement, yellows are in the improvement zone, and green are  the optimal zone. From there, we can create a checklist of specific recommendations that can move those red and yellow areas to green. They can work with us or take it to their existing professional team.


You’re also teaching other Apollon advisors to use the formula. What has the feedback been thus far?


I originally developed the program 20 years ago, well before partnering with  Apollon, and we started an Advisor Pilot Group here two years ago. We initially selected 10 of our most experienced advisors to learn how to use the Wealth Empowerment Formula™. They love it, and the group has now doubled! They’re already seeing results, and many are bringing me in to work with their most affluent clients with more complex situations. Word has spread, and advisors in other Apollon offices are also adopting it and have brought me in to partner with them and their clients, which has led to a large and growing client base in places I’ve not previously had client concentrations like Montana, Colorado, and New England. I love being able to teach more people and help more clients and families.


What do you enjoy most about your work, Rob?


Helping people. Both my parents were teachers, so I grew up watching them help others. I wanted to help not just clients, but be more expansively impactful by helping advisors. When I first got into the business in 1992, I didn’t have access to any training programs. I vowed that if I succeeded, I would help others have an easier time. I created my first advisor training program at 27 and I’ve been doing it ever since.


Robert Wolfe, CFP®

Managing Director — Apollon Wealth Management, LLC



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