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Robyn Blackadar

Robyn Blackadar and her team at PolicyWise for Children & Families work hard every single day to improve the lives and communities of Canadian citizens. Since 2003, their research has generated knowledge that can be put into action to improve programs and policies across the country. They provide fact-based evidence of the effects of health and social policy and the changes that are necessary, along with guidance on how to implement those changes in a way that addresses systemic barriers and takes into account culture and context. 

Since being appointed CEO in 2012, Robyn has led the restructuring of the organization to become financially self-sufficient and more impactful, while securing investments to replace lost government funding. Drawing on 30 years of leadership experience in health services, research implementation, and government policy development, she guided PolicyWise in adopting for-profit business practices to maximize the reach of their funding and create tools, resources, and support systems to build a resilient, knowledge-driven non-profit sector. Inspired by influencing system improvement through change, Robyn shares, “I very much enjoy working with my brilliant team who care so much about our mission to help people.”

Robyn Blackadar received her BA in psychology from the University of Calgary and her MBA from the University of Alberta. She has served as the director of province-wide services for Capital Health, senior provincial director for Alberta Health Services, and senior manager, health policy for the government of Alberta.


Robyn Blackadar

President & CEO — PolicyWise For Children & Family



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