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Roger appears in the Top 100 People in Finance for 2019 through 2024.

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Roger Coleman

Roger Coleman is a noble leader on a mission to continue making this world a better place, driven by philanthropy and the public good throughout both his life and career. He’s a firefighter, a 28 Life Member of the Plandome Fire Department, chief for six years, and a member of the 8th Battalion, one of the largest fire battalions in New York. They were called in to Ground Zero on September 11, 2001. The experience ultimately led him to launching Tuesday’s Children as a founding board member, an organization dedicated to serving families impacted by terrorism, military conflict, or mass violence. In the 23 years of its existence, Tuesday’s Children (TC) has served over 50,000 individuals and continues its mission by providing a lifetime of healing for families who have been forever changed by terrorism, military conflict, or mass violence. Once again, he will lead TC onto NASDAQ to open the markets with the families in honor of 9-11, together with those Gold Star families they tirelessly service.


An iconic figure on Wall Street for over 36 years, managing director, and as the founder of the financial services industry—Corporate Services—he’s considered the father of the global equity administration, a multibillion-dollar industry. He also served as managing director for Morgan Stanley, overseeing more than 300 professionals, managing more than 30 billion, and maintaining leadership over 110 Fortune 500 clients. In acknowledgement of his accomplishments and expertise, Roger was regularly featured in Barron’s Top 100 (top 1%) of Global Advisors, he also was recently inducted to Barron’s Hall of Fame, and has been featured in Barron’s Magazine, Wealth Management, Fox Business, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Fortune, etc.  After successfully exiting Wall Street, he founded Coleman Group Partners in 2016, where his desire to help has been the driving force of its core value of impact investing, as seen in his work with companies such as Disaster Tech, One Inc, Ripple, and many others ( There, he leads a multi-billion Private Equity (invite only) fund, deal sourcing and evaluation of mid-to-late-stage private equity investment opportunities that make positive impacts in this world is his strong suite. With returns in the top decimal since inception, there’s no wonder for his continued success!


Additionally, Roger is continuing his mission as the co-founder and president of Disaster Tech, a public benefit company focused on saving lives, protecting communities, and preserving the environment, with partners such as Microsoft, NVIDIA, NSF, the U.S. Air Force, FEMA, Energy, the DoD, and others. Launched in early 2019, Disaster Tech (DT) offers the world’s first comprehensive, end-to-end data aggregation and data science platform, providing real-time analytics and decision support for research and risk management of natural hazards, climate change, and disasters via geospatial. sub-orbital satellite real time imaging. As there is no other platform that can provide this level of real-time situational awareness and high-velocity performance at scale, Roger and the practitioner led team plan to develop Disaster Tech into the go-to resource for cross-sector private and public agencies and disaster managers. Disaster Tech is the only disaster management/resiliency company-built end to end in the Microsoft ecosystem, including in all of Microsoft Teams. This strategic decision made when the company was formed more than 4 years ago is proving to be a smart strategy for both firms!

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Roger Coleman

Co-founder and President

Disaster Technologies, Inc.

Chief Executive Officer

Coleman Group Partners, LLC



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