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Ronald S. Johnson, Esq.

Experienced trial lawyer, Ronald S. Johnson, has always believed that great things will happen to those who keep God first and treat people right. After growing up in Albany, New York, in the inner city, he is proud to not only be an African American attorney but to be a positive role model for young people throughout Connecticut, where his firm is based. As the founder of Law Offices of Ronald S. Johnson & Associates, Ronald specializes in high end federal cases, serious state cases, and civil litigation, particularly in the realm of personal injury.


Located in downtown Hartford, the Law offices of Ronald S. Johnson & Associates have been representing and fighting for people of color since 1992. Although they started out as a criminal defense firm, focusing on serious felonies and murder cases, Ronald and his team were so successful at the trial level that they have since added associates and now offer more areas of practice including immigration and personal injury. The majority of the office clients are African American, Hispanic, or of Caribbean decent, and the legal team is dedicated to advocating for those individuals as well as their families. They also represent a number of professional athletes including clients in the National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA).


According to Ronald, the characteristics that set him apart from other attorneys are his passion, confidence, and determination. He was an athletic basketball player throughout his youth, so he likes to approach law the same way that he approached the sport. "It's all about being a team player and showing that you are determined, focused, and prepared," explains Ronald. In fact, he makes it clear that he is not someone who tries to "buck the system" because he believes a person can become better as a result of knowing different people and developing a network of relationships.


Ronald also takes pride in being trustworthy, which he considers essential when making legal decisions for those he represents. He views his clients as members of his own family and genuinely enjoys assisting them. As a result, he makes sure that he is easily accessible and that his clients can reach out to him at any time, especially those involved in serious accidents and personal injury cases.


Prior to starting his own firm, Ronald earned his master's degree from Syracuse University's Maxwell Citizenship of Public Affairs, the nation's top ranked school for preparing public administrators. While working on his master's, he pursued his Juris Doctorate at Syracuse University School of Law in Syracuse, New York, where he obtained both degrees and then officially began practicing law in 1991.


Most recently, Ronald has become passionate about representing professional athletes as a certified NFL contract advisor as well as being actively involved in non-profit organizations. He serves as board chair for the Wilson Gray Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) while also sitting on the board of the Greater Hartford YMCA. The Hartford organization services the entire county, covering over a dozen different YMCAs and providing programs and support to almost one million people.



Ronald S. Johnson, Esq.

Founding Partner

Law Offices of Ronald Johnson & Associates

100 Wells Street Suite 2C, Hartford, Connecticut 06103

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