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Ross appears in the Top 100

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Ross Cadastre

Ross Cadastre is a recruitment executive and a passionate change agent who has dedicated nearly his entire 25-year career to helping companies solve some of the most complex talent acquisition challenges.   Hailing from the Island of St. Lucia, Ross started his career in the hotel and insurance business. When he moved to Canada in 1998, he entered the IT recruitment industry, working for a few small boutique recruitment agencies. By 2010, he was leading the Canadian recruitment delivery operations for Experis (a ManpowerGroup division), responsible for the strategic and transformational growth of the delivery team.  He was a proud part of the leadership team that achieved significant growth for the organization. He is a people-centric, goal-driven industry leader who is guided by the words of Barack Obama:

“A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things.”

Given his reputation as a disruptor in the talent acquisition industry, Ross is putting these words into action.  Ross launched Toronto-based Innovative Talent Solutions, Inc., in 2017 as a talent solutions company specializing in helping start up tech companies scale by offering cost effective solutions while finding the most suitable, high quality talent. Under the brand ITS Global, with the tagline, “We invest in business growth,” and led by the core values of leadership, integrity, and vision, Ross leads a team of experts focused on helping start-up founders grow their businesses by providing top tier talent. They work with start-up tech companies to understand their hiring goals and build a recruitment delivery plan to achieve these goals allowing them to focus on other aspects of growing their business.  “We have developed a hiring process that walks an organization from sourcing the ideal pool of candidates to onboarding top talent. This fully customizable process is called HireRight and it truly demystifies the recruitment process and enables our founders to procure talent,” Ross explains.

Two years after the initial launch of Innovative Talent Solutions Inc, Ross and his team established the Kontingence Recruitment brand, a boutique recruitment agency on providing superior customer service while helping mid-size to large organizations tap into a highly qualified contingent workforce.  This bold move was in direct response to the growing demand for staffing services from Innovative Talent Solutions Inc.  Ross’ vision ensured that Kontingence Recruitment would provide value to its clients, “Companies in our industry don’t provide a great customer experience. We’re experienced in customer service, and we put the focus on servicing our clients and giving them a great experience,” he explains.

The Company’s two brands have developed game-changing solutions to help companies, large and small, to thrive. As founder and CEO of Innovative Talent Solutions, Inc., he leverages his experience and networks to help businesses meet their business goals. He brought with him nearly two decades of experience serving organizations ranging from small family-owned businesses to large multinational corporations.

While he manages his growing business, Ross finds time to give back to the community through his involvement with a host of organizations, including the St. Lucia Toronto Association, the Council of Caribbean Associations Canada, and the OECS Council Canada. He is also the current communications director for the Black Business and Professional Association and president of The Union of St. Lucian Overseas Associations. In recognition of both his corporate and community work, Ross has received numerous awards. In 2017, he was recognized at the Black Business Awards and inducted into the Black Canadian National Wall of Role Models. As business leader, community advocate, and citizen, Ross embodies a powerful quote he coined long ago: “Leadership is more than a position. It is more than a title, or a role. Leadership is the central and defining characteristic of a family, community, company or a nation.”


Ross Cadastre, Founder and CEO, Innovative Talent Solutions Inc.




Download the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine and check out Ross' feature on page 57.

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