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Certified Immigration Consultant

Rounak appears in the Top 100
Canadian Professionals and the

Top 40 Under 40 magazines.

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Rounak Koukia

“It can take a lot of work to get where you want to be in life if you don’t know the right people or have the right tools,” Rounak Koukia says. That’s especially true for those immigrating to Canada, who have left everything they know for a new chapter in life. That’s why Rounak and her team of immigration professionals at Golden Globe Law are here: to make that often-daunting transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. Rounak and her passionate group have all experienced the immigration process themselves, with Rounak coming to Canada at 13, so they can relate on a personal level while getting them closer to their ultimate dreams.

A certified immigration consultant with over two decades of experience, Rounak has been the owner of Golden Globe since its founding in 2008 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, helping hundreds of families, many of whom go on to refer this talented team to others. While they handle the expected aspects of immigration, like visa applications, hearings, and trials, their service doesn’t end there. They also handle real estate matters, opening bank accounts and transferring money when required, school applications, resolving visa restrictions, different countries consular services and for sure trying to solve every obstacle faced by clients. Thanks to her extensive and continually growing knowledge of the immigration field, as well as her fluency in English, Farsi, and Azari, and proficiency in Turkish, Kurdish, and French, Rounak’s ability to help is infinite, and her dedication to understanding and finding solutions has earned her the 2023 title of Best Immigration Consultant in the region. To stay up to date on current events the world over so as to better understand and help her clients, she regularly attends international seminars and is planning and working towards passing the bar exams in Canada and the U.S. “Education is important to me. It’s important to better myself every day,” she says. Rounak is also passionate about extending education to others, mentoring students who, like herself, are passionate about immigration law, offering them the guidance and support she never had in her own days as a student.

We sat down with Rounak to get a look at what the immigration process is really like, and how she’s making it easier so that families can achieve their dreams.


How is Golden Globe’s approach to the immigration process different?


A lot of other companies do something similar, but will only deal with certain aspects of the immigration file—we deal with everything from A to Z. We start by asking our clients about their individual goals and needs so that we can first determine if bringing them to Canada is the right fit. Then we help position them by figuring out what job they want and how they can support their family. We’re also all immigrants in this office, besides being immigration professionals, so we all understand the intricacies and anxieties of coming to a new country and how to alleviate that stress. Every family immigrating needs advanced plans, and we’re here to provide them with any and all information. What we do is help them craft a life plan so that they and their families can have better lives. That’s the whole point of immigrating.


The Golden Globe team does so much more for families than just navigating the paperwork. Will you share some of the other ways in which you help them?


We help position people to have happy lives in a new country. In effect, it’s a lot of life coaching. We refer job offers and have put together a directory so we’re a connection point for all fields. We’ve brought over a lot of artists and music teachers, and this was helpful for them. We also try to teach people about the culture of Canada, and to help them navigate things as they come up. Many immigrants are terrified of everything when they come, like getting a parking ticket, because everything is so unfamiliar. So we’re here to help them through that.


Tell us a little about your charitable work.


First, we offer pro bono services for those who couldn’t otherwise afford them. We’re also sponsoring eight kids at the moment, donating monthly to cover their living expenses. For our new clients, we like to give concert and event tickets so they can come and see the culture in Canada and get to have fun and interact with people.


What drives you?


Helping people! My clients’ lives matter. I don’t look at this as a job. I want them to be happy and have great lives. We all live only once and none of us is aware of the timeline of our life in this world so we must make sure to make best out of every situation and obstacle that is thrown our way! Keep Strong and Keep going!  When you immigrate to a new country no matter who says what, you have no one but yourself to help you, to hug you and to encourage you!


Rounak Koukia

Certified Immigration Consultant — Golden Globe Inc.



Facebook: Rounakkoukia  

Instagram: @Rounakkoukia

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