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Rudy L. Kusuma

Rudy Lira Kusuma is the founder of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, an innovative real estate agency based in California, and the only company that focuses on helping real estate agents to grow and develop their own Millionaire Real Estate Sales Team. Launched just this year, the company stands as a testament to one man’s mission to change the real estate industry by breaking out of what he saw as outdated industry norms and standards to better service both home buyers and sellers.

While Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty only recently emerged, Rudy put the concept into action over 11 years ago in 2007, when, as a solo agent, he became frustrated with a status quo that seemed to him to limit both clients and agents. “I realized agents were spending most of their time chasing people,” Rudy explains. “I was spending 80% of my time cold calling, door knocking, and  trying to talk to people, and only 20% of my time servicing clients. Then, as technology became more advanced and buyers could view listings online, I thought, what is the value of agents if we’re not available to actually show them homes?”

To solve this problem, Rudy came up with an alternative strategy that would allow him to reach prospective clients, who could then contact him directly, rather than him calling them. He launched Cash Flow Game, where buyers come in to play the game and at the end, he made an offer on their homes. The concept worked. By eliminating the time wasted in prospecting, Rudy was able to devote all of his time to his clients. Soon after, he used this concept to start his own team within RE/MAX; Team NuVision, and he and his agents quickly realized its success. To date, his team has helped sell over 5,000 homes, ranking for several years as the number one RE/MAX team in the entire state of California, and Rudy himself, is the recipient of scores of industry awards.

With clear evidence of demand, by both clients and agents, for his innovative approach, Rudy launched, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty. “The company started because there is a problem in real estate today, and I wanted to solve that problem,” states Rudy. The real estate office of the future, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, has fulfilled this promise with a model that puts clients at the center of its business and fosters the success of its agents. Its customers benefit tremendously with agents who are focused solely on them and with access to all homes that meet their criteria, including those not listed online.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty’s agents are also reaping the rewards. “There is no brokerage that really helps the agents. I launched this company with a focus on helping agents that were just like me so that they are positioned for success from day one,” Rudy explains. “We help them build teams and we encourage them to start their own teams. When they join a team, we book them face-to-face with buyers and listing appointments, as opposed to prospecting.”

The company’s literal moniker embodies Rudy’s core principle of putting clients first. “Everything is about the clients, everything,” Rudy shares. “I wanted the name to reflect our dedication to them: Your Home Sold Guaranteed—Your home.”

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