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Ryan Derda

In the dynamic world of finance, where markets ebb and flow like tides, one individual stands out as a true visionary and trailblazer—Ryan Derda. As the founder and managing partner of R. Beam Global Trading, Ryan has embarked on a journey to redefine the landscape of commodity brokerage.


With a career spanning 17 years in finance, Ryan's journey began in the aftermath of the 2008 market crash. While many were still reeling from the crisis, Ryan saw it as an opportunity to delve into the stock market, kickstarting a career that would eventually become his passion. He quickly grasped the nuances of financial markets, paving the way for his remarkable success. But Ryan is no ‘one-trick pony.’ His versatility in managing portfolios across different asset classes has been his secret sauce. He understands that success in finance means going with the trends, and his track record speaks for itself, as confirmed by the Top Producer Award he received from American Equity Insurance company.


“Every multimillionaire has multiple income streams—a principle I embraced from a young age,” Ryan shares. This ethos allowed him to retire by the age of 40, but this was not the end of Ryan's journey. He reentered the financial services industry, delving into the uncharted waters of cryptocurrency, and pioneering a crypto hedge fund. Four years later, in 2023, Ryan founded R. Beam Global Trading. His journey had come full circle, bringing him to the helm of a commodity futures brokerage unlike any other. The genesis of R. Beam Global Trading was inspired by Ryan's in-depth knowledge of monetary history and its profound implications on portfolio allocation and management—a critical factor that sets his firm apart from traditional brokerages. While commodities are set to experience a 10-year super bull market, Ryan's keen insights position R. Beam Global Trading to capitalize on his foresight.


R. Beam Global Trading, headquartered in South Florida, is the embodiment of Ryan's vision. It adeptly manages portfolios encompassing the entirety of the commodities futures market, including but not limited to: Energies, S&P 500, cryptos assets, treasuries, and livestock, just to name a few. R. Beam Global Trading caters to a wide spectrum of investors, including hedge funds, brokerages, IRAs/401k holders, endowments, and individuals.


We spoke with Ryan to learn more about R. Beam Global Trading, his background, and why he chose to specialize in this niche of finance.


What inspired you to start R. Beam Global Trading?


Life, timing, years of experience managing clients’ assets across multiple asset classes, and most importantly, a strategic partnership.


How is it different from commodities futures brokerages?


Considering that all commodities brokerages must adhere to the same regulatory standards, this creates similarities from a structural standpoint. What makes us stand apart is the experience our team brings to the table, along with the incorporation of AI and algorithmic trading. Combined, our team offers 40 years of trading, investing, and portfolio management skills.


Tell us a bit about your background. Were you always fascinated with finance and economics?


Finance and economics became my obsession after losing a quarter of a million dollars in the ’08 Global Financial Crisis. Up until that time, I knew how to make money, but I was by no means an expert in what to do with it. I was successful in business, and I got lucky flipping a few houses leading up to the crash, but after suffering that loss, I made it my life’s mission to learn everything I could about real estate, capital markets, and economics. My obsession drove me to ultimately earn my Series 7 (since surrendered), 214 License (life insurance and variable annuities), and most recently, my Series 3. My management experience includes portfolios in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance strategies, real estate, crypto, private placements, and precious metals.


You view gold, silver, cryptocurrency, and commodities as the most valuable portfolio assets. Why?


The world is amidst a global monetary system reset and power shift. For this reason alone, I am very bullish on gold, silver, bitcoin, and commodities. We are seeing rapid de-dollarization and high global inflation, if not hyper-inflation. These types of events do not bode well for stocks and bonds, but on the contrary, are major catalysts for global commodities.


Where do you believe the financial system is headed in the future?


Fiat currencies have an average lifespan of 40 years—the US dollar is now 52 years old. The average lifespan for a global reserve currency is 95 years—the US dollar is in year 102 of this cycle. There is no doubt that we are moving toward a blockchain-based monetary system. Gold and silver have been currency for 5000+ years, and we are now seeing global central banks buying gold at a record rate. I’m no FBI agent, but I’d say, that’s a clue. It is also rumored that BRICS (the world economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are backing their “new global reserve currency” with a basket of commodities. So, if commodities are going to backstop the global blockchain-based financial system, then I see that being the proverbial “writing on the wall” as to where to park your investable capital.


What do you enjoy most about your work?


I thoroughly enjoy the ever-evolving climate of global finance and economics. This is a profession that prevents me from getting complacent. To do what my clients hire me to do, produce a potential ROI, I must always stay on top of my game. I must always be growing and evolving, not only in my profession, but personally as well. My biggest driver is the value I believe I can bring to the lives of those around me and my team of experts.


Ryan Derda
Founder/Managing Partner
R. Beam Global Trading


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