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Sean Kelly

In 2008, Red Rock Secured, a gold and silver investment firm offering people a physical alternative for retirement savings based in Los Angeles and El Segundo, California, was a small business with only one office. Today, with Sean Kelly as its CEO, the company has grown to the point of NASCAR sponsorships and features in Forbes magazine, and with clients in all 50 states. “I’ve found that the more we focus on the client, the more successful we become,” Sean says.


Sean’s experience in the financial industry stretches back to 2003, and he’s worked with top traders developing software systems to help clients know the best times to enter and exit their trade. Prior to 2008, Red Rock Secured was still a financial services firm, but when the recession hit that year, causing so many people to lose money and leaving them stressed about how to plan for the future, Sean and his team knew they had to provide a solution that prevented this in the future. In response, they refocused, and made client asset protection their primary focus. To ensure that money will not be lost regardless of market activity, Red Rock converts clients’ money into physical gold and silver, as well as platinum and palladium, assets that can never get to zero, thus providing them with a more secure alternative to other retirement plans.


Today, Sean and Red Rock Secured’s primary focus is being as valuable as possible. “Anywhere we can help the client is a focus,” he says. “We want to have as much to offer a client as absolutely possible before we earn the right to have their business.” To that end, they have evergreen promotional offers for clients up front, and provide 100% free shipping and insurance until the clients take possession of the metals.


And it’s not just the clients that Sean is proud to take care of. Red Rock Secured creates multiple opportunities for their employees, and serve as their employees’ top advocate. Sean himself works hard to create a positive and welcoming environment that creates a healthy and vibrant culture, which in turn creates a great experience for clients. “If you have happy employees, it translates to the way they treat clients,” he says. And it’s been working. Sean is extremely proud of the positive reviews his firm has earned with employees on sites like Glassdoor. “You see a difference when people are truly happy at work.” In addition, Sean is proud to be part of a veteran-led company, with employees coming from backgrounds in all four military branches. He’s also excited about the upcoming opening of Red Rock Secured offices in Spokane, Washington, and Newtown, Connecticut.


When he’s not helping his employees and clients, Sean enjoys spending time with his family, which includes three children, and works with organization K9s for Warriors, which provides service dogs for veterans in need.

Sean Kelly

CEO — Red Rock Secured





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