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Sharon Dinh

What do you get when you combine an extensive background in financial management, high-end hospitality experience, and many years of assisting high-profile CEOs? You get Sharon Dinh and her Vancouver-based business consultancy and project management agency, D’Agency.

Taking her knowledge in the hospitality industry, with a focus on complete customer service, as well as her 10-year role as an assistant to CEOs,


Sharon has created a high-level one-stop-shop for the modern business owner. Sharon implemented the Five AAA Diamond model used in the travel and tourism industry to rate luxury and hospitality, and translated it into a full-service business support offering, while also educating clients on the importance of having a savvy, virtual executive assistant (VEA).

“I wanted to take away the pre-existing notions of what a VEA really is,” she says. “There are assumptions that VEAs are ‘just’ assistants, and I wanted to change that to make people see that they’re much more with D’Agency. Experienced VEAs, especially those who have grown with a company, are more like project managers, in a sense. They know the ins and outs of the business, make all the network connections, and are able to put together a team and spearhead a task end-to-end.”

That belief became the foundation of D’Agency, which was founded in 2018. Sharon has shown her clients time and time again that VEAs are an invaluable resource to any business — in fact, in all her time in operation, she’s never done any marketing. Her model is so impressive, that her reputation has spread solely through word of mouth.

Today, D’Agency offers 24-hour, seven-day support for small and medium businesses and start-ups. Sharon employs an impressive roster of seasoned VEAs who each have at least five years of experience working with high-profile CEOs and corporations. “D’Agency VEAs, apart from the years of experience, are also extremely tech-savvy, highly intuitive, and are proactive in troubleshooting, and really catering to our clients’ needs -- they’re top-notch,” says Sharon.

D’Agency also provides additional services such as bookkeeping, copywriting, human resource, and web development services — and being virtual, they also work with clients overseas. To date, D’Agency has worked with clients in Asia, Germany, and the U.K. “The sudden shift in seeing more and more freelancers offer their services remotely, made me realize an opportunity to provide the best service network, by pivoting and expanding my offering, virtually,” says Sharon.

Aside from running D’Agency, Sharon is also co-owner of PINKARAT, an eCommerce business selling all-in-one home-manicure kits, but her personal mission is to change the way the world sees VEAs. "We need to recognize the true value and skills modern VEAs are offering. They're not just your typical assistant anymore as roles and responsibilities have evolved in what's needed of them -- they need a place of recognition in the industry."

Sharon is confident that the market for services will remain strong as the global pandemic has forced many offices to work from home. As she continues to grow D’Agency to develop a wider variety of service offerings, Sharon’s goal is for D’Agency to set an industry standard while becoming the leading hub for virtual services.


“This is the future of businesses everywhere,” Sharon says.  "We've simply been helping those ahead of the game."


Sharon Dinh
Founder — D’Agency, Business Consultancy & Project Management Agency
LinkedIn: Sharon Dinh D’Agency
Instagram: Dagency__

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