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eunoia naturals

Stacie Ten Eyck


Stacie Ten Eyck is an accomplished event expert with over 14 years in hospitality. This career demanded long hours in a high stress industry. “I was unable to sleep and was restless with anxiety due to working 70 hours a week, she states.” After a decade of executing weddings, corporate events, and opening several restaurants, a drastic change was needed for her overall health and wellness.

Determined to bring an all-natural product to assist with relaxation and sleep to the tired masses, she created eunoia naturals. Eunoia is a Greek term meaning a well mind and beautiful thinking. The collection offers all natural essential oil blends that provide therapeutic benefits. RELAX Lavender + Chamomile Aromatherapy Mist was the first product launched on Amazon, and with huge success. Her most recent creation, NIGHT NIGHT, is a kid-friendly sleep spray accompanied by a bedtime meditation. Be on the lookout this fall for the next product line from eunoia of essential oil perfumes. Ophelia will be launched in October, which is a blend of sandalwood and amber!


Today, eunoia naturals currently offers eight products and is sold in 24 countries around the world. Making local and national news, such as Today Show, she has brought her brand of wellness and  conscious living to the community. Collaborating with a major nationwide retailer, Stacie’s motivation remains the same—it’s all about helping people. “I want to give back and help others who struggle with sleep and/or are looking for a holistic way to better their health.”



Stacie Ten Eyck

Founder & Owner —  eunoia naturals



LinkedIn: Stacie Teneyck

Facebook: eunoia naturals

Instagram: @eunoianaturals

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