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Stanley Moskowitz

After a 35-year career as CEO of Petroleum & Franchise Capital, providing financing to experienced real estate-based retail petroleum operators and Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees, Stanley Moskowitz was ready to retire. In August 2018 Feeasy® was created in Greenwich, CT with co-founders Jac Credaroli and John Giannone —and the results were explosive immediately. In less than two years, the origination platform Feeasy® created has offered real estate agents and brokers nationwide the opportunity to create greater value for their clients’ properties; they knew they were filling an untapped niche market. 


Feeasy is one of the premier, free vendor-driven consumer marketplaces that facilitate trade and service specifically for vendors within the real estate industry and its ancillary service sectors. Its platform allows borrowers to browse and select pre-qualified offers from over 50 lenders for collateral-free loans up to $100,000 and guides clients through the credit inquiry process, matching borrowers and lenders who best complement one another. As an example, homeowners may choose to make pre-sale improvements to yield a higher price for their home, the lenders on the Feeasy® platform team will preview their application, and if approved, may fund in as little as a day.   


As chairman and one of the co-founders, Stanley’s expertise in consumer and corporate finance combined with Jac and John’s experience in real estate is a major reason for the Company’s meteoric rise. The business cycle benefits the homeowners who sell their homes for more, the real estate agent/broker earns get a greater commission and construction companies, contractors, stagers, and all associated within the real estate industry benefit as well. "The fulfillment I receive is facilitating this cycle,” Stanley shares.


Stanley holds an MBA in corporate finance from St. John’s University.


Stanley Moskowitz

Chairman & Co-founder — Feeasy


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