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Stanley Moskowitz

In the world of finance and entrepreneurship, there are few who embody the values of humility and compassion as deeply as Stanley Moskowitz, chairman of Feeasy. Behind his unassuming demeanor lies a story of gratitude, resilience, and a commitment to making a difference in people's lives.

Stanley spent almost 35 years as the CEO and president of Petroleum & Franchise Capital, where he originated several billion dollars in loans with zero net credit losses. Then, retirement brought forth a new chapter in Stanley's life, one marked by a deep commitment to mentorship. "A few months after retiring, I started mentoring all the children in town," he recalls fondly. Guided by a desire to give back to his community, Stanley dedicated himself to nurturing the next generation, offering guidance and support to those in need. It was during this time when Stanley recognized the financial challenges faced by many young professionals, and he set out to create a solution.

That solution, realized in 2018, was Feeasy, a free national loan comparison platform for the ancillary service sectors of the real estate industry. With over 50 banks available for loan comparisons, borrowers can browse and select pre-qualified offers for collateral-free loans up to $100,000 with terms up to 12 years and receive a quick decision with prompt funding. In addition, Feeasy’s Concierge Premier™ offers one-on-one assistance to guide borrowers through the credit inquiry process and Stanley himself ensures that every customer receives personalized attention. "We speak to every single customer, every single potential borrower," he emphasizes. "We spend time on the phone to see if we could satisfy their needs."


Stanley Moskowitz

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