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Stephanie appears in the Top 100
Innovators & Entrepreneurs Magazine

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Stephanie Cunningham

Stephanie's life has been a tapestry woven with threads of creativity, resilience, and a deep-seated passion for beauty in all its forms. Her passion has only intensified, and she soon began creating her own line of clothing and home goods. This is when she turns her love for drawing patterns into a business. She delved into self-directed learning, supplementing her education with classes on Adobe Illustrator, product design and tutorials on YouTube. With each click of the mouse, Stephanie felt her creativity surge, revealing a side of herself she had never fully recognized.

Stephanie has embarked on a pioneering venture that leverages her love of art and expertise in textile surface and 3D fashion design. Stephanie's goal is to spearhead a transformation within the fashion industry by rectifying the limitations of standard sizing and promotes a positive body image. This is how MySizeology® was born. MySizeology® was touting size inclusivity way before national brands picked up the concept. MySizeology® clothing comes in sizes XXS- 7XL.

At its core, MySizeology® is an eco-conscious company. “For our planet’s sake, I have created a sustainable and customizable business model by only creating products made-on-demand. Simply, we do not create a garment, wall hanging, or a handbag until you have placed your order. We are literally making your product just for you,” Stephanie shares. A great advantage to this model is the ability to customize and personalize products. If you are not seeing what you want - we can customize!

“I am thrilled to continue our partnership with TrueToForm!” Together we are launching revolutionary technology of Virtual Try-ons! TrueToForm is an award-winning, female-founded AI startup that helps shoppers find clothes that fit, using a 3D avatar generated from a phone scan,” Stephanie adds. The team recently debuted new fit prediction software with the launch of Fitsearch, a search engine that provides a detailed fit assessment for all listings that shows how each garment fits at key landmarks of the body. MySizeology® plans to release its Fit Search capabilities in August 2024.

Stephanie is changing the fashion industry at the same time she is remaining committed to her role at Kentucky Farm Bureau.

Joining Kentucky Farm Bureau (grassroots) as an insurance agent felt like a natural fit for Stephanie, given her family's longstanding relationship with the company. Drawing on her background in marketing and her innate ability to connect with people, Stephanie quickly established herself as a trusted advisor, specializing in providing home, auto and life insurance to Northern KY families. Since 2007, she has not only achieved her sales targets, but exceeded them. This outstanding performance has not gone unnoticed. Stephanie has been recognized with numerous awards, both within her company and the industry at large. Notably, she is a recipient of the NAIFA Quality Award, a testament to her exceptional ability to forge enduring connections with clients, underpinning her success in the field.

We spoke with Stephanie to learn more about her mission to revolutionize the fashion industry and her dedication to community service.

Stephanie, let’s talk about the initiatives you are involved in within your community. How do they reflect your commitment to personal growth and making a positive impact on others' lives?

My community involvement is a cornerstone of my values. I have served on numerous boards and chartered new chapters. I've spearheaded the development of several networking groups aimed at fostering community connections and initiatives. One such endeavor is the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation Women’s Initiative’s KY Ag Literacy week. Annually, the women select a book focusing on agriculture and family. In support of this initiative, I travel across Boone County, reading these impactful books to grade school children, nurturing a culture of learning and empathy while giving our community's youngest members an appreciation for agriculture.

I’ve also taught community classes on insurance products. I have developed a program to give young adults a basic understanding of insurance. We discuss “Distracted Driving,” fraudulent claims, and other safety issues. Driver inattention was noted as a factor in 39,555 collisions on Kentucky's roadways in 2021. That same year, driver inattention contributed to 134 fatalities in the Bluegrass State.  

How do you prioritize continuous learning in your life, and can you elaborate on the specific educational opportunities and programs you engage with to enhance your skills and expertise?

Learning is an integral aspect of my daily routine, driving me to seek knowledge and growth in various avenues. I am a technology nerd. I am proficient in CLO3D, Adobe Suite and 2D CAD systems. It is paramount to keep current on insurance industry issues. I am always searching for the latest social media trends to apply to my marketing efforts.

What do you see in MySizeology® future?

My ultimate goal is to open my own factory and create custom clothing designs for individuals – not only the fit, but the style. I don’t want to put you in box. You are your own size, and we think you are perfect. I introduce a revolutionary approach utilizing 3D body doubles avatars. Using your body measurements, shape and posture, I can build the garment around you, the client’s body. I am currently raising funds for this next phase of MySizeology®.  To learn more visit:

Stephanie Cunningham
Insurance Agent: Kentucky Farm Bureau 

Owner and CEO: MySizeology®
Instagram: @Mysizeology


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