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Stephanie Genuardi

It’s been said that great things in business are never accomplished by just one person, but by a team of people. As a 15-year legal veteran who has spent her career assisting health care, information technology, and Fortune 500 companies, and served as in-house counsel at a large academic medical center, Stephanie Genuardi has undoubtedly proven her ability to do extraordinary things solo. In 2013, when she saw a swelling need for legal services across industries, her entrepreneurial spirit leapt in to assemble the best legal minds and found Inside Out Legal, LLC, to help support internal legal departments with overflow and priority projects, with a special emphasis on health care, information technology, privacy, security, and general transactional matters. Today, she steers a growing team of attorneys serving clients from Illinois to overseas—among them are large hospitals and health care systems and corporate clients spanning the universe of commerce across the globe. At the same time, she’s a passionate champion of startups, and Stephanie and her legal team are committed to helping them every step of the way.

“Many startups are juggling myriad legal matters simultaneously, all while trying to grow their businesses and stay on budget,” she explains. “We take that off their plate so they can focus on their passion.”

Inside Out Legal handles a wide variety of legal matters—contract review and negotiation, regulatory compliance guidance, internal policy development, clinical research, cyber law, data privacy and security, software and information technology, pharmacy matters, retail services, social media, marketing and advertising, and business consulting. Their team of specialized attorneys is able to address various legal questions that come up along the way. “We really step into a role similar to general counsel, providing day-to-day legal guidance,” Stephanie explains.


“When our clients come to us, they join a community, and our team works with them to build a network of people working together to help their business succeed.”

In addition to offering legal services and business expertise at the traditional hourly rate, Inside Out Legal also offers various subscription plans that are carefully curated and expertly tailored for each client, allowing them to select the level of service that best meets the needs of each unique organization. While most legal firms might dismiss such a departure from the typical “high retainer/start the clock” model, Stephanie is, at her core, an entrepreneur and understands intimately not only the budgetary considerations of businesses, both large and small, but the need for trusted legal advisors who respond urgently. It was precisely this insight from which the idea for Inside Out Legal was born. While working as an in-house attorney for an academic medical center, she realized there was significant value in outsourcing many of the various in-house services of an organization to further improve internal efficiency and better meet their overarching goals in a cost-effective manner.


While Stephanie and her team serve a growing number of long-established corporate clients, they are helping to usher a wave of new startups to greater heights. Stephanie summarizes her passion for her practice by stating, “As not just an attorney, but as an entrepreneur myself, I hold a special place for new businesses and understand some of the obstacles that they’re facing, and I’m just thrilled that we can help them not only succeed, but thrive.”


Stephanie Genuardi

Founder — Inside Out Legal

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