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Sudharika appears in the Top 100

U.S. Business Leaders magazine.

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Sudharika Gogna

Sudharika is a visionary, thrilled by the desire to experiment. She is a ​​goal-driven, client-focused executive with repeated success resolving multidimensional problems, improving performance, and generating value for multimillion-dollar global companies.


Offered repeated success in conceptualizing and developing company policies and procedures associated with operations, supply chain transformation plans, business development and logistics for scaling business operations efficiency, process enhancement, streamline workflow, and increased cost-effectiveness. Her expertise is in leveraging technology skills and business domain knowledge to educate stakeholders on industry, is crucial to lead advise C-Suite executives and other key decision makers across multifunctional areas to successfully implement strategies. You might say that Sudharika’s has a knack of driving excellence, innovation, and transformation as her name a unique one, and means “transformative lens,” a truly apt meaning for her life’s work and firmly believes in “Ideate till you succeed.”


“I thrive in high-velocity, unstructured environments and possess the acute business judgment and communication skills needed to influence and collaborate with a variety of people and job functions.”


Her experience in the industry spans 20+ years and she currently serves as the head of transformation and quality at Flexport, a tech platform for global logistics, which she joined in 2019. Her focus in this role is building operational resilience, including in-process design, organizational change, and collaborate on product priorities. She designs and leads complex global initiatives for both operations and go-to market teams. In addition, she brings the ability to build strategies from the ground up and actually implement them, while passing along the knowledge of their operations to the right people. “I make sure companies reach their goals,” she says. Her strong sense of empathy and people skills also allows her to bridge the gap between creation and the emotional impact of change.


Today, Sudharika focuses on supply chain optimization, design, and transformation of process, and building and transforming teams, implementing technology, and building strategy. Working within businesses to transform them from the inside out. Truly an intrapreneur helping build vision and shift seamlessly between strategic, project management and execution tasks.


Sudharika started her professional journey right out of college in India by working with GE (now Genpact). She spent the first 14 years of her career supporting the capital businesses and then moving to the United States for the GE Aviation business, where she spent years implementing business strategies, as well as leading and managing a high performing team to solve the supply chain inefficiencies for one of their business units. She continued that journey with Genpact continuing to optimize repeatability and reliability of supply chain processes, conserving supply chain cycle time regarding order management & fulfillment across North America, before joining Brookfield Asset Management in New York for three and a half years as a global head of program management. This was a significant addition to her experience, where she shaped and built the project management office and introduced enterprise value streams and cohesive process excellence ecosystems. From there, she moved on to Cognizant, a tech consulting company, where she led the transformation of operational excellence functions, looking at supply chain and managing operations and finance, as well as implementing automation processes to improve their systems. Finally, she landed at Flexport, bringing a wealth of experience and insight to a company whose goal of making global trade easy for everyone aligned with her own.


In addition to her years of experience and her original bachelor’s degree in business and commerce, Sudharika is also proud to be a recent graduate of Stanford’s corporate innovation certificate, LEAD. and is a certified Lean Six Sigma master black belt. She is a trusted advisor  and a practical and concrete thinker who is most powerful when reacting to and solving problems.


Today, Sudharika loves being on the east coast, spending time with her family and being a role model for her 2 kids. And her future involves continuing to drive and execute strategies to harness the operating world and starting on her own.


Sudharika Gogna

Director, Head of Transformation & Quality — Flexport


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