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Dustin and Donovan appear in the Top 100 People in Finance Magazine

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Dustin Hughes & Donovan March

For Dustin Hughes and Donovan March, it all started with a vision: building a firm from the advisor perspective. After working independently in the financial industry offering investments and insurance, the pair joined forces and launched Synchronized Investments and Insurance Solutions Corporation in 2019. From the start, they’d serviced a combined total of nearly 600 clients. The following year, Dustin and Donovan completed a large acquisition of health and dental programs affiliated with nearly 400 new clients, which was placed into their newest professional venture, Synchronized Employee Benefits Corporation. The corporation is dedicated to helping other organizations attract and retain top talent by using benefit programs. In 2022, Dustin and Donovan successfully exited their original company, which had grown to over 5,000 clients in a little over three years. “Our objective was to free ourselves from the career agency we were a part of to facilitate further expansion in our new mission, since refocusing their efforts, the partners have already completed another successful asset acquisition of over 200 company accounts.” Their unique model of growing their team to service the acquisitions they’ve competed provides the ability to scale that serves to differentiate the firm from the pack.

“We’ve created a corporation built by advisors, for advisors,” The pair explains. “We now have two primary focuses: to deliver the best experiences for these corporations, and to also attract and retain top talent.” With the goal of having over 5,000 advisors, Dustin and Donovan are working toward becoming a multinational firm with special emphasis on recruiting and acquisitions. “Whether advisors are joining the business as beginners, as we did, or they’ve been around for decades and are looking for a successful exit, we deliver a platform for them to successfully achieve their goals,” they explained. Where Donovan is a business acquisition expert, Dustin effectively facilitates the transition and stabilization of the businesses they’ve acquired. Together, their equal partnership emulates a rare form of synergy and balance that has been indicative of their success. “Leaving the large corporation, we built and still having a huge footprint in the independent space has been the greatest accomplishment,” Dustin & Donovan explain.

Dustin Hughes

Director & Advisor 



Donovan March
Director & Advisor





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