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Selected for Excellence in
Project Management

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Tanya Lee

Introducing Tanya Lee: The Visionary Founder of Fénix Flame Villas and Tanya Lee LLC.

Meet Tanya Lee, the brilliant mind and driving force behind both Fénix Flame Villas and Tanya Lee LLC. With a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for hospitality, Tanya has transformed her dream of creating a luxurious and serene getaway into a stunning reality through Fénix Flame Villas.

Tanya Lee is a dynamic leader with a proven track record of driving business success and fostering innovation. With expertise in marketing, entrepreneurship, and community development, Lee is committed to empowering small businesses and driving positive change in her community. She also holds a Certified Brain Injury Specialist Certificate, demonstrating her dedication to assisting brain-injured individuals with critical skills and resources.

Current Contract Project Manager for the North Dakota Women's Business Center NDWBC.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; Certified Brain Injury Specialist Certificate (CBIS); National Small Business Association Leadership Council 


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