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Terrance Mendez

After leaving his previous company in 2016, Terrance Mendez realized that his value proposition did not go to zero overnight. Certainly, there are other companies who need my skills and expertise.” He took his 20 years of international expertise, including being the CEO of Dalwhinnie Enterprises, vice president of finance for Hitachi Vantara, and a partner-elect position with Deloitte, and founded his own company, AMOS Advisory Services, LLC, based in Centennial, Colorado. The company took off, counting among their clients one of the top video game companies in the world with a $21 billion market cap. “Before I knew it, I was north of $1 million in sales and had to bring on more support to meet the demand,” he says.


AMOS Advisory Services is a management consulting firm that provides business clients with personalized guidance that helps them accelerate the achievement of their goals. “There are a lot of consulting firms out there,” Terrance says. “I am not trying to advise companies by simply providing them with suggestions and a generic plan. I am going to come in and make direct recommendations and then drive the approved effort through to completion. I roll up my sleeves, get in the weeds, and make things happen rapidly.” To that end, Terrance generally only accepts clients through referrals, which allows him to choose to work hand-in-hand with the executive teams and their people to get to know them on a personal level and make change less scary.


As a Wharton School of Business alum, Terrance launched his career at Arthur Andersen, winning its prestigious Leonard Spacek Award as a top-performing intern—and he never looked back. Today, with his wealth of experience across finance transformation, business development, and process automation efforts across multiple industries, including tech and manufacturing distribution, Terrance brings a unique, multifaceted, and international approach to AMOS and his clients, working with companies in different capacities depending on their specific needs. For some, he serves as an outside consultant; for others, such as Hitachi Vantara, he assumes an internal leadership role as CEO, COO, VP of finance, and others. He also stays hyper-aware of emerging trends and technology so that he can integrate those things into his strategies for rapid, successful results. In addition, Terrance knows both the accounting and finance side of a company, as well as the leadership and operational aspects. “This is what makes me different. I have the ability to understand the techy part of accounting and finance, the business and operational aspects of a company, and can communicate the why’s from a C-suite leadership position,” he says. His deep knowledge of international regulations has also been a huge help when strategizing for companies looking to expand and operate outside of the U.S.


Earlier in his career, so dedicated was Terrance to doing more than just advising clients, that he made the difficult decision to turn down an offer to be a partner with Deloitte. “I had bigger dreams and wanted to do more than just advise. I wanted the responsibility and the privilege to drive the direction of my work with clients,” he says. A role at Hitachi Vantara would become the turning point of his career, when he was given the opportunity to take a leadership role in crafting their new subscription services business. For his work, Terrance was one of only 12 recipients of the company’s Most Influential Persons Award and was recognized at their global leadership meeting. He brought those skills to Dalwhinnie and used them to effectuate meaningful change, whether it be working with community leaders, launching a multiplatform marketing campaign, overseeing developments, or navigating tough legal concepts. Now, as the leader of AMOS Advisory, he uses the expertise and insight gained over his career to help his current clients build and rebuild their businesses.


Most recently, Terrance, through AMOS, was the CEO of Dalwhinnie Enterprises a Cannabis Investment Company.  He led them through a major restructuring and expansion, launching a luxury boutique dispensary in Aspen, Colorado.  Along with a luxury brand of cannabis and acquiring the Shift Genuine Cannabis Brand, he made the necessary improvements to capture 34% operating margins and achieve record setting sales.  Subsequently, Terrance was named the chief operating and financial officer of GreenCore EV Services, a faith based electric vehicle charging company, and is working to raise capital while instituting the processes necessary for global reach.


While his illustrious career, filled with accolades, awards, professional achievements, and status, certainly reflects his skill and his dedication to the field, for Terrance, the driving force behind it all is the “human side”—the people he serves. He brings empathy and understanding to every encounter because he personally understands the stress business owners can face, and isn’t afraid to tackle the most daunting problems. “My greatest accomplishment is always the thrill of helping others achieve higher levels of success,” he says.


Terrance holds a CGMA designation and CPA licenses across three states.


Terrance Mendez

Founder & Owner — Amos Advisory Solutions


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