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Thomas Ray


With 27 years of experience, Thomas Ray has the invaluable ability of being able to deliver! His experience allows him to problem-solve ahead of the curve, foreseeing issues in advance. As branch manager of Benchmark Mortgage, Thomas has a genuine desire to create a wonderful experience for his clients.  “We have worked hard to create an award-winning system for manufacturing loans from start to finish. Our green sticker process focuses on underwriting client documents prior to issuing the pre-approval, which results in a smooth, clean loan from contract to close!”


Prior to joining Benchmark Mortgage, Thomas was the owner and operator of Evergreen Mortgage, where he did everything from originating loans to accounting. After the financial credit crisis of 2008, he partnered with Benchmark Mortgage, where he now runs a successful branch, managing everything from day-to-day operations to loan origination. He’s been named to the 100 Million Dollar Club six times in the last decade, and has been recognized with the Palmetto Award and Benchmark Core Value Dynamic Award. He was the first of only 12 Blue Jacket recipients. The Blue Jacket is the pinnacle of recognition at Benchmark.


“I hope I am known for truly serving my clients beyond their expectations.”


Thomas Ray

Branch Manager — Benchmark Mortgage


LinkedIn: Thomas Ray


Instagram: thomas.ray.12720100

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