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Dr. Timothy R. McAuley, MS, PhD


Timothy appears in the Top 100

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Dr. Timothy R. McAuley, MS, PhD

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Timothy R. McAuley has led the way in the field of environmental innovation, working tirelessly with companies and organizations across the globe to solve the most pressing environmental issues, namely air quality and human health exposure and risk assessment. But with a BS in biochemistry, a master’s in chemistry, and a PhD in environmental sciences and engineering, it’s clear that this passion began long before his remarkable career as an award-winning environmental leader with a widespread reputation as a forward-thinking authority. In 2008, Timothy founded CHANGE Environmental, LLC, a multi-award-winning, certified veteran-owned small business, providing strategic top-tier professional environmental consulting and research services across a wide array of specialized areas that deliver cutting-edge solutions to various technical issues. In the process, they form long-lasting strategic relationships with each of their clients. “When we’re brought in, it’s something that’s going to be complicated and require our advanced expertise,” he explains.


Timothy and his international team of environmental scientists, field researchers, published authors, and consulting professional have established relationships with communities, the industrial and medical sectors, businesses, and the public and private sectors. Clients from all corners of the globe—across the U.S., Europe, Australia, and throughout East Asia—turn to this learned group for their expertise in air quality, acoustic engineering, and environmental epidemiology, as well as climate change and sustainability structure. This uncommonly large array expertise is critical to many of their clients and their infrastructures for ensuring compliance and strategic planning for their current and future environmental needs. For their dedication, expertise, and contributions to the field, Timothy and CHANGE Environmental have been showered with at least a dozen industry awards, among them the Environmental Business Journal’s Award for Green House Gas Mitigation and Strategies on Climate Change and the Corporate Visions of America Award for Environmental Strategy and Consulting in 2020 & 2021. In 2019, Timothy returned to his alma mater, Clarkson University, as he was asked by President Anthony Collins to be a featured as a keynote speaker for the 100th anniversary celebration of Wallace C. Coulter, a global, innovative alumni of Clarkson and founder of the Coulter Blood Counter, which changed the medical field. Presented by President Collins, it was in recognition of his efforts to the global environmental field.


As he continues his tireless work to help improve the environment for everyone, everywhere, we sat down with Timothy to find out just where his passion began, what drove him to start the company, and about some of his favorite projects.


Can you remember the first event that sparked your interest in chemistry and the environment?


I was in my second year in the U.S. Navy. One Sunday, I found myself at the library, picking up books on science and fell in love with chemistry, biochemistry, and physics. When I had completed my master’s in chemistry, I was evaluating whether to get a PhD in chemistry, but instead I entered an environmental science and engineering program. I fell in love with it. I have a fluent understanding of the body and the impact of air pollution on the body, and this has played a pivotal role in a lot of my work.


What compelled you to start the company?


To make a difference. That’s been my motivation my entire career. The core values of our company are professionalism, accountability, transparency, honesty—PATH. Doing that and making a difference in what we do have been my drivers since day one. Seeing the difference that we’re making in companies, industries, people’s lives, that is the most rewarding part of my job.


There have been countless, but can you share just a few of your favorite projects?


One of my favorite projects was an asphalt plant in Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania. They claimed to be a light-duty plant, but through our calculations, we found they should have been classified as heavy-duty. I did the modeling and emissions calculations to look at what their true impact would be on the community. The whole community turned out to hear the report, and based on my report and testimony, the planning board shut down the plant’s permit.


Another favorite was a national policy study with Safe Routes to School National Partnership in Washington, D.C. I wrote the guidance document to reduce students’ exposure to traffic-related air pollution on their way to and from school, both walking and by car or bus. The policy was issued to 30,000 schools across the U.S.


What do you consider your greatest professional accomplishments, Timothy?


Building this company is the greatest achievement I can share. Bringing together a diverse team of experts has been a great achievement, and most importantly, earning the respect and admiration of colleagues and clients across the globe.


Dr. Timothy R. McAuley, MS, PhD

Founder & CEO — CHANGE Environmental, LLC



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