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Todd Gross

Todd Gross enjoyed an illustrious 20-year career in finance as a head trader for renowned firms like Morgan Stanley and Cooper, Neff & Associates, and as a fund manager earning the title of Best Commodities Manager by Barclay’s Hedge and authoring a book in 2013. He also founded and helmed multiple successful companies of his own. After amassing considerable experience in real-time predictive analytics, Todd decided to apply his skills to saving people’s lives.


In 2019, Todd co-founded Quantaira, Inc., with Noah Clay, who started the Nanotechnology Center at Harvard, Cornell, and UPenn. Quantaira uses real-time predictive analysis to make clinical care safer, effective, and more efficient for both patients and health care providers by providing a comprehensive view of biometrics. Today, Quantaira is enjoying growing interest from international hospital systems, and continues to attract best-in-class talent. “The caliber of our people is truly remarkable,” Todd says. His colleagues include the world’s fourth-ranked cybersecurity expert and the former dean of George Washington University’s Medical School. Their Patient C.A.R.E. (comprehensive access for remote evaluation) platform allows providers to observe patient biometrics from multiple medical devices and collect it into one place, all remotely, so they can easily monitor patients, all in real time.


The idea came when Todd learned about baby socks that record vital signs and prevent sudden infant death via data collection. “Data is becoming a growing part of medicine,” Todd, who now serves as chair of Quantaira, explains. And there’s a personal reason behind everything, too: both Todd and Noah watched their fathers pass away on ventilators. Based on these experiences, they originally focused on pinpointing when patients should be taken off ventilators. With the rise of COVID, they expanded their scope to help even more people. Because their C.A.R.E. platform synchronizes biometrics with medications, the result is speedier care that saves money while alleviating the very real threat of burnout for providers—resulting in better patient care. Reflecting on his shift in focus, Todd is most happy that his work is directly helping people. “I spent over two decades trading commodities as a professional,” he says. “Now, with my own company, I can benefit people directly with what I’m doing. It’s very gratifying and drives me every day.”


Todd Gross

Co-Founder & Chair — Quantaira, Inc.



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