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Tom Maxwell


As the chairman and co-founder of Maxwell Healthcare Associates (MHA), Tom Maxwell has spent his entire adult life in the service of others, as a technologist and health care leader in the home health care and hospice industry. He’s a trusted authority, an industry influencer, and an entrepreneur driven by a single mission: to help people. “The ability to help others, to serve, to wake up every morning with passion and purpose for what I do, and knowing that what we do impacts others—that’s what drives me,” Tom says. Tom is also the co-founder, along with his business partners, Bryan Mosher and Jennifer Maxwell, of Muse Healthcare, a Medalogix company that enables hospices to provide better care at the end of life. Muse’s predictive technology using machine learning and advanced AI has been adopted by most of the largest hospices in the US.

It’s a passion that began in the 1990s, while Tom served as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman. One that propelled him across a 30-year career in the health care, with 19 focused on home health care and hospice technology, and through senior leadership roles with Homecare Homebase (HCHB) and GE Healthcare. It was this unwavering passion and a desire to help others that, in 2016, drove him out of early retirement in Minneapolis, MN, to start Maxwell Healthcare Associates to help home health care and hospice providers thrive by bringing together tech and health care to deliver the right kind of care to the right patients at the right time. And for the over 175 companies they’ve served nationwide—and the millions of lives they touch—MHA is delivering.

Tom, alongside his wife, Jennifer Maxwell, CEO, Tom leads MHA’s elite group of passionate industry veterans and leaders to provide comprehensive, customized post-acute care consulting services that enable agencies to optimize operational execution through the use of technology, strategic planning and positioning, leadership development, and mergers-acquisitions. In the ever-changing health care landscape, MHA’s experts have their fingers on the pulse on what’s relevant now, and work with providers to develop affordable solutions tailored specifically for each of them, to help optimize, transform, and recharge their operational, technological, regulatory, clinical, and financial performance.

A Different Breed Leader: “My Purpose in Life Is to Help Patients and Help Entrepreneurs Become Better Entrepreneurs.”

For most entrepreneurs, establishing one thriving company is where the story ends, in a grand finale of pomp and circumstance. For Tom, it’s where the next chapter begins—and he’s bringing the entire industry with him. Alongside MHA, he’s the founder or investor of over a dozen companies—each dedicated to hospice and home health care and bringing tech and health care together to provide bring quality care to patients. Now, he’s bringing his expertise, money, and the power of the Maxwell brand to help other health care entrepreneurs and startups succeed. “I love investing my time in helping others. We want to help people through our companies and help others who are changing the world,” Tom shares.


We met with Tom to hear more about what inspired him to start MHA, how they’re making a difference, and what drives him to help other health care entrepreneurs propel the industry forward.


You’ve dedicated your entire career to serving others through health care. Where does this passion come from and how did that culminate into Maxwell Healthcare Associates?


As a Navy Veteran Hospital Corpsman married to a master’s-level counselor, Jennifer and I wanted to continue to focus on the industry we know best. Everyone in home health and hospice has a story or experience that made them want to fix the industry. Some of these experiences were negative. My grandmother passed away on hospice and I had the opportunity to say good bye to her because the agency recognized this moment and directed her to call us. It was an amazing experience, and I will be every in debt to the agency that took care of Nana. Nana is my personal driver focusing me on changing the health care experience.


How is Maxwell Healthcare Associates different from other health care consulting firms?


MHA is a founder-led consulting company that focuses on the intersection of post-acute care and technology. Not only do we hire the experts in the business, but we continue to invest in technologies, build solutions to eliminate and automate redundant tasks in our industry. Unlike our competition, we focus, align, and train our teams to address the unique issues in the agencies we support. Most companies bring in one or two consultants and ask them to be the expert in all areas. We do not believe one person can be the expert in all areas. We have clinical, operational, financial, sales, and marketing as wells as analytical consultants.   


You’re bringing health care and tech together to help deliver the right kind of care to the right patients at the right time. How are you doing this and how is it making a difference for both your clients and their patients?


We have spent the last seven years in consulting working to solve the issues of the industry. We now have 110+ consultants identifying inefficiencies in the industry and then we focus our attention on eliminating or correcting those challenges. We spend time addressing similar issues in the agencies we support, which moves us to develop tools and solutions to eliminate or automate the issue. The real value to our solutions is the communication and rigorous efforts to stay focused in the home health and hospice space.


You’re also a champion of other entrepreneurs, as both an advisor and investor with your own portfolio of thriving enterprises. Why is this important to you and how are you helping them?


We have been so blessed in our lives by so many people. I have always surrounded myself with successful people. I always try to learn from everyone around me. Learned to listen and ask more questions. I have also learned a ton of lessons from failures or challenges. I love watching people succeed and win. Coaching and mentoring are just as rewarding for me as it is to the person who I am working with. When people ask me for three things that I can flag about the successful people that I know:  (1) Never stop learning, (2) Never stop listening, and (3) Outwork everyone in the trenches.


Tom Maxwell 

Chairman and Co-Founder — Maxwell Healthcare Associates





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