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Toni Angello

Real estate can be full of risks without a sharp-eyed guide to help. As CEO and founder of Angello Enterprises, Toni Angello has been providing game-changing insight since 2018. Her acumen and eye for detail are what make Angello Enterprises a unique organization; clients across 12 states can explore possibilities that may be overlooked by others and make worthwhile decisions, especially ones that can make all the difference down the line.

Toni’s eye for detail and vast knowledge of real estate, construction, and insurance reflects her extensive background in risk assessment and catastrophic claims adjustment. After building catastrophe response teams across the nation for several national insurance companies, Toni gained deeper knowledge about the moving parts of real estate and was inspired to found Angello Enterprises. Her holistic approach helps people consider the impact of components from start to finish that most do not, like supply chain, insurance, and building considerations to name a few. Toni provides expert services to facilitate the buying and selling of homes, commercial and residential construction, as well as interior and architectural design, covering any concern from acquisition to disposition. Her expertise also extends to property management, thanks to a vast network of companies for referrals and service, and this collaborative approach means great things get built—together.

We spoke with Toni to learn more about her background, Angello Enterprises, and how they’re helping individuals, businesses, and society thrive.

How does your background allow you to have a fresh perspective in real estate?

My experiences before Angello gave me the passion I have for what I do. I decided to leave corporate insurance in 2018 because I wanted to advocate for and help homeowners with my knowledge. For me, my work is like fighting crime, because insurance companies have the upper hand. With that frame of mind, we provide an all-encompassing and streamlined approach that is fully customizable from start to finish. We take a holistic approach to real estate, since we also have a construction aspect specializing in repositioning property development, betterment, and redevelopment, as well as architectural design and construction material procurement. We can address any real estate need through our numerous community connections, and we work with manufacturers overseas to reduce material overhead cost.

Speaking of that, tell us about your subsidiaries.

Angello Enterprises encompasses Angello Consulting, Wholesale Raw Materials, and Angello-Zelazo Import-Exports. Angello-Zelazo Import-Exports was co-founded with John Zelazo, our COO. He’s a marketing manager who has set up multiple import-export companies and focuses on economics and political science. It was our brainchild after COVID, when we saw firsthand the scarcity and the 1,200% markups following the supply chain backups as we tried to find materials. We decided to build our own supply chain: we started looking for ways to remove steps, reduce costs, and apply the supply chain model of our construction company to help anyone who asks, no matter what they might need. We help businesses lower their costs and cover everything from architectural needs to interior design.

What are your goals for the future, both for Angello and society?

The Angello tribe cares deeply about social transformation, and we all have experience in civil projects. I’ve witnessed the ocean of waste produced by conventional construction methods. I noticed that there is a massive amount of trash that could be recycled, reused, or repurposed, and I want to make an impact using Angello. Recyclables are being used to build homes around the world, and I want Angello Enterprises to be an active player in developing ways to integrate recyclable materials into everyday buildings in the US.

You’re helping others flourish, too. Tell us about this.

We help our community find the materials they need to create a safe, welcoming home and place of education. Contributing to community structures is a regular part of our operations: we partner with Habitat for Humanity, Foundation Communities, and local schools to donate unused or repurposed building materials. We also sponsor three teachers per semester and buy their supplies.

What does success look like to you?

Success looks like watching other careers flourish under my leadership. I find joy in consistently producing efficient, high-impact teams quickly by putting the right people in the right place and watching them succeed. Leadership has an impact on the trajectory of other careers. It is an accomplishment to create, coach, and train teams that can successfully operate independently.

What do you enjoy most about your work, Toni?

Creativity and client collaboration. Oftentimes, clients have a unique vision in their head, but they don’t understand the path to creating it. We learn and understand their vision and then execute it. I love that we get to harness a tremendous amount of creative value through the process because all aspects from design to build are under our umbrella. 


Toni Angello

CEO — Angello Enterprises

Instagram: @angelloenterprises

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