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Tony Kwon


Tony Kwon values people. He aims to make connections rather than seeing personal interactions through preconceived ideas tied to an agenda. As a founding member and the COO of The Spaventa Group (TSG), where interpersonal relationships are an integral part of his day-to-day activities, he engages clients, colleagues, and employees with dignity, seeking to build rapport. “When I interact with people, I want to really connect with them, I want to form a relationship with them,” he said. Headquartered in Ronkonkoma, NY, with a second office in Jersey City, NJ, TSG is a premier alternative investment firm that provides compelling, high-growth investment opportunities for both retail and institutional investors. TSG also has an RIA affiliate, TSG Alpha Partners, which provides wealth management services with an emphasis on alternative investing. 


The breadth of expertise Tony has acquired throughout his 19 years in the finance industry encompasses all aspects of the investment process. Prior to joining TSG in 2020, he’d been part of investment banking and private equity teams at Macquarie Bank, Allied Capital, and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. In addition to his expertise in the fields of technology, media, retail, and real estate, he was the CEO of his own consulting firm, providing advisory and due diligence services to hedge funds, private equity firms, and family offices.  Over the past 15 years, he’s focused increasingly on alternative investments, including private equity, venture capital, cryptocurrency, and digital assets. Educating people about alternative investing is important to him.


“I’m passionate about democratizing the alternative investment process,” he shared. “The team here at TSG wants to make sure there are ample money-making investments for everyone, not just for people who are already experts in finance or people ‘in the know.’ Our mission is to make sure that more people know they can access these sorts of investments.” Tony’s role in making that happen is to make sure the company is “running on all cylinders,” by supporting strategy and growth operations, managing HR and recruitment, writing articles for their monthly magazine, TSGInvest, and handling all client-facing correspondence. He also serves on their investment committee. “I take my role and responsibility very seriously and consider it an honor to serve in this capacity.” 



Tony Kwon 

COO — The Spaventa Group 



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