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Trevor Randall, CFP®, RICP®, MSPFP


Some sons strive to make their parents proud in the traditional sense by being kind, doing well in their careers, and reflecting the values instilled in them. Trevor Randall not only succeeds in accomplishing all of these aspects of honoring the special relationship he always had with his father but has amplified his efforts by continuing his prestigious legacy.


Trevor joined his father's business, Randall Wealth Management Group, which specializes in retirement income planning, in 2013 as a licensed securities assistant. In 2019, he assumed the roles of president and CEO, continuing with the reputable practices his father had established before him. With an utmost priority to serve clients' needs and carry on the notoriety ingrained in his father's name, he not only adeptly leads the Long Beach, California-based firm but is deeply rooted in the fabric of his community. "I'm from Huntington Beach, and my dad was born in Long Beach, so the people we serve are more than clients. They're our friends, our neighbors, and our families. They matter," Trevor declares.


Reverence is an integral element of Trevor's business acumen that cannot be overstated. Because he takes the time to get to know clients intimately, he can create customized retirement plans for every scenario and each unique nuance of the individual's goals. "I put plans together through various methods and investment types to ensure my clients have the best possible retirement package available to them," Trevor shares. "Our vision is to help our clients in their desire to achieve their financial goals through proper financial and investment management, and our mission is to develop long-term, multi-generational, committed relationships. I firmly believe this sets us apart from other advisors and is why Randall Wealth Management Group has endured."


We spoke with Trevor to learn more about his incredible story and why it is so important to him to preserve and perpetuate his father's legacy.


Trevor, you had a very motivating experience that cemented your career path. Please tell us a little about that.


I began working with my dad at his firm the day after attending my college graduation ceremony. About six months in, I had an epiphany. While driving, I saw a little boy and girl with a lemonade stand. Their sign said: water 50 cents, cookies 25 cents, lemonade 50 cents. As I'm driving past, I hear the mom come outside and tell the kids, "You're in a bad spot. No one's going to pull over here to get anything." I made a U-turn, pulled up next to them, got out of my car, and asked them for water and a few cookies. I gave them a $20 bill. They looked at it, each other, and then back to me and said, "we don't have change." I said, "keep it." I got in my car and saw them sprinting into their house, bursting with excitement and yelling, "look how much money we made! Look at how much money we made!" That was the best feeling ever. I thought, "if I can make those kids happy by making $20, imagine how happy I can make my clients by making them more money." I wanted to be able to give my clients that feeling always, every day. Immediately, I recognized that I was on the right career path pursuing this with my dad. I knew I was doing exactly what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life. 


How does that purpose translate to business now?


I think that passion manifests in our approach to relationships and the level of service we provide. We have real connections with each of our clients, and while the majority of them are within our community, we maintain the same level of commitment with those who might hail from across the nation. Many of our clients have been with us for 35 years, and we are lucky enough to be able to serve multiple generations of their families. We really take our time to get to know each of them as individuals. We'll have four to six meetings to get to know one another, obtain information, and secure an in-depth understanding of what they want their retirement to look like. This process allows us to adjust the plan for countless variables. We consider various factors and "what if" scenarios so we can create the most comprehensive and beneficial plans, all of which can be altered as new situations or challenges arise. Our main goal is to provide peace of mind, and I believe we do that better than our competitors.


Your dad has obviously been a major inspiration. What values have you inherited from him?


I worked alongside my dad for nearly a decade before he passed away in 2019. He created Randall Wealth Management Group 35 years ago, and seeing him in his world and learning from him was incredible. He was the top financial advisor in the nation in 2007 and was on the cover of Senior Market Advisor Magazine too, so I was learning from the best. I'm still working on filling his shoes, but I'd like to think I personify his caring, thoughtfulness, big heart, and spirit.


Trevor is a Certified Financial Planner® and Retirement Income Certified Professional®. He holds a Master of Science degree in personal financial planning from Kansas State University and bachelor’s degree in business administration from California State University, Monterey Bay.


Trevor Randall, CFP®, RICP®, MSPFP

Randall Wealth Management Group




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