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Tucker Roeder

Helping individuals get the most out of their company-sponsored equity plan is one of the primary services offered by LRVS Advisory Group. Where most wealth managers focus on assets and the rate of return, the multifaceted company takes it a step further. “We essentially serve as the family CFO, helping clients manage all the financial decisions in their life,” financial advisor and founding partner, Tucker Roeder explains. Founded in 2020, LRVS Advisory Group is an independent financial planning and wealth management firm located in Hingham, Massachusetts, with a particular focus on helping clients manage their company equity plans and investment assets towards their financial objectives. They work with employees of biotech companies and those in the pharmaceutical industry, providing traditional financial advisement and helping clients with their career landscape.

“We help people understand what they’d leave behind at a former company, and also understand the compensation plan for the new company they’re considering,” Tucker explains. “Our accomplishments are measured by the success of our clients, so if they’re able to feel more confident and secure in their financial future, then we’ve done our job.” Prior to launching LRVS Advisory Group, Tucker spent five years as a district manager at McAdam Financial, where he trained over 50 financial advisors. “What I enjoy most is forming relationships with clients and being incorporated into their lives,” he says. “I know that every situation is unique, and I like being able to help solve the different challenges and complexities each faces.”

Tucker Roeder

Financial Advisor & Founding Partner — LRVS Advisory Group



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