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Wendy Rudd

From business founder to consultant to board member, Wendy Rudd wears many professional hats, all with a focus on innovation through technology in the financial and cryptocurrency fields. Through her company, WAR Room Consulting, she provides industry and regulatory expertise. She is also the co-founder of Crypto Creep,  an app for monitoring cryptocurrency prices. “I strongly believe crypto will eventually replace fiat currency and using it will be the norm,” she said.

Wendy started her career at the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) in 1983 and worked there until 1999. “I grew up on a farm and went to university through a co-op program. I applied for a job at the TSX,  and  I think I only got it because I connected with the recruiter, who had worked on a farm,” she shares. Her degree in computer science, along with an MBA, allowed her to successfully integrate technology and business as she continued on her career path. In 2001, she joined ITG Canada, where she later established MATCH Now, Canada’s first successful ‘dark pool’ alternative trading system. “I went from working for the TSX to competing with them,” she noted.

In 2011, Wendy took on the role of senior vice president at the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and she considers this to be a pivotal time in her career. During her tenure, her focus was on modernizing the way IIROC regulated the industry, and one of her major contributions was the IIROC/Accenture study, Enabling the Evolution of Advice in Canada. She also managed the CDOR Review, which instigated measures to align Canadian benchmarks with IOSCO principles.

Wendy has realized several other professional accomplishments that have helped make her a standout among her peers; she designed ITG’s Best Market Server, Canada's first automated algorithm to trade US-inter-listed securities and led implementation of the TSX automated trading platform for equity floor closure.


Wendy currently sits on the boards of Coinsquare Ltd. and Mogo Inc., as well as on several industry committees. When she’s not busy with her professional pursuits, she sings in a band and manages her website,, which chronicles her many life learnings and experiences with candor for the benefit of readers who may find elements of their story in hers.


Wendy Rudd

Consultant — WAR Room Consulting



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