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Zeeshan appears in the Top 100

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Zeeshan Saeed

Zeeshan Saeed is the founder and president of Canada’s FSD Pharma Inc., a record-breaking, science-driven biotech company that first listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE) and started trading in May 2018 under the symbol HUGE. The company subsequently became the first CSE company that was dual listed on NASDAQ under the same symbol and started trading on NASDAQ in January 2020. FSD stands for the first initial of the last names of the three founders, which started its journey in October 2013 to become a licensed producer of hydroponic medicinal grade, cannabis, with a firm belief the real potential of medicinal grade cannabis can only be unlocked through qualified clinical trials and drug development, similar to GW Pharmaceuticals. The company initially raised $53 million and retained Dr. Raza Bokhari, a longtime associate of Zeeshan Saeed, to become the chairman of board and CEO to execute on the vision and mission of the founders. In the initial months, the company grew at an astonishing fast pace and surpassed a market cap of over $1B.


In the past 12 months, the company has added more than $35M cash to the balance sheet through two private placements, selling of non-core assets and registered direct offering to US institutional investors. In response to market conditions, the company recently surrendered its Health Canada, Cannabis operator license and have filed an IND application with the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to initiate a phase 2 trial to treat hospitalized COVID-19 patients.


Boasting a diverse professional background himself, Zeeshan is not only a successful mechanical engineer, but he also holds vast experience in international capital markets and has helped multiple startups with the process of raising initial funding and getting listed on various stock exchanges. A native of Pakistan, he has overcome countless obstacles and is proud of the many life goals he has been able to achieve. For instance, in 1998, Zeeshan arrived in Canada with less than CAD 10,000. The first three years were difficult. He was unable to pay rent a few times, but despite the hardships, he went into business, entered the stock market, and started taking companies public. Then, in 2013, Zeeshan found the opportunity he had been waiting for when he asked for 50 percent of a project that would legally take marijuana public. That project became FSD Pharma Inc., which has now been recognized by the CSE for breaking Canadian exchange records.


As a child, Zeeshan’s dream was to grow up to be successful businessman and to buy the car of his dreams, as he was always fascinated with cars. When he started his career and went into the stock market, he added the ringing of the NASDAQ bell to his dreams. Determined to make this a reality, Zeeshan began his journey 20 years ago with a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, in Pakistan. He then applied to Canada for immigration and received it within seven months. Most importantly, Zeeshan achieved both of his lifelong dreams before the age of 50—purchasing his dream car and ringing the NASDAQ bell on January 21, 2020.

For hobbies Zeeshan likes to play squash, swim, and goes to the gym regularly. Zeeshan’s previous partner passed away in May 2020. He is presently single and lives in the GTA.



Zeeshan Saeed

President and Founder

FSD Pharma Inc.


LinkedIn: Zeeshan Saeed

Facebook: Zeeshan Saeed

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