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Andy appears in two Top 100

People in Real Estate magazines.

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Andy Price


Andy Price is founder and CEO of Price Mortgage, LLC, one of the premier mortgage brokers in Arizona and the Southwest. Headquartered in Arizona, the company specializes in providing mortgage services with low rates to residential home buyers across its home state as well California, Oregon, New Mexico, and Minnesota, with plans to expand into additional regions in the near future.

Andy’s approach to his role as CEO is unique from most. Clients won’t find him tucked away in his office, far from daily work functions and unapproachable to clients. Rather, he is a “working CEO,” so to speak, actively overseeing sales and operations, supporting his 40+ loan officers and staff, and himself working closely with clients, originating loans. With his 15 years + experience Andy serves his clients and staff with valuable insight and expertise from both sides of the home-buying process.  With my 2 year experience as a realtor I was fascinated by the numbers side of things and also frustrated by the service and knowledge by the mortgage companies that represented my clients.  Approvals turned into denials and the lack of communication and service made me realize I could serve potential borrowers better and along with the realtors that represented them.  I knew it was like to be on that side of the transaction and knew what it meant to be a partner in lending my realtor partners deserved for them and their clients.

His uncommon perspective makes sense, considering Price Mortgage’s unique service model and his motivation to leave a successful 15 year career in mortgage lending to launch the first successful hybrid mortgage company two and a half years ago. “The idea of a hybrid first emerged after time working for a mortgage broker and later a mortgage bank,” Andy explains.  

The idea for Price Mortgage took full form during Andy’s tenure at other brokerage companies and banks, learning the business and gaining valuable skills and insight from his entry as an assistant, loan officer, and sales manager. “It occurred to me that I could put together a hybrid of the two—a brokerage company and a bank—to create a company that provides mortgage broker freedom and options with mortgage banker services and support, but with much lower rates and fees,” Andy explains. “Just as importantly, I wanted a staff that was as dedicated as I was to providing personalized, top-notch customer service and support.” With this in mind, in 2017, Price Mortgage was born.

The impetus that led to Price Mortgage shines in the company’s business model, which has the interests of its clients at its core. “The needs and situations of each of our clients are unique. We work with a host of investors to find the best loan options available for them, with the lowest rates possible,” says Andy.

Andy’s dedication to his clients and his career is obvious in his myriad industry accolades, including a five-star professional rating and several awards for being in the top one percent of loan originators in the country, and his ranking as one of the top 10 Arizona broker loan officers. Although proud of his professional achievements, he takes his work personally. “Buying and owning a home should be a good experience. It’s where we share our lives with our families, build memories—and I speak from experience,” Andy says. “I have a beautiful wife, two kids, 13 and 11, and two crazy, little dogs.  Home is a special place for us all and I enjoy being a part of that process to help others own their own home to build their lives and memories with their families and loved ones.


Price Mortgage, LLC

690 East Warner Rd., Suite 103

Gilbert, AZ 85296

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