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Christian Virzi

Christian Virzi is a Regional Managing Partner at J. Galt Finance Suite, a role that perfectly aligns with his 20 years of experience in the credit and insurance industry.  He is also the owner of Desert Moon Financial, helping individuals build generational wealth through Indexed Universal Life policies.

Christian's journey in the credit industry began with the establishment of his own credit enhancement business, where he honed his knowledge and skills over two decades introducing his clients to authorized user enhancement, something many still are not aware of.  During this time, he had the privilege of assisting thousands of individuals in navigating the complexities of credit. Seven months ago, Christian made a pivotal decision to join J. Galt Finance Suite, driven by his unwavering belief that this organization's approach will be a game-changer for business owners.

Christian now helps business owners establish a robust business credit profile without the need for their personal social security number as a guarantor. The company follows a systematic approach to assist members in building business credit using their Employer Identification Numbers (EINs). This process involves vendor approvals that report to the three major business credit agencies, ultimately culminating in access to corporate credit cards, loans, lines of credit, and vehicle leasing. J. Galt Finance Suite has already empowered over 43,000 American businesses.

Christian emphasizes the importance of business credit, highlighting its role in providing access to capital for growth, payroll, and equipment acquisition. Through the J. Galt program, business owners can develop their business credit profiles strategically, step by step.

Christian's dedication to helping business owners achieve financial success through business credit stems from his experience and passion for helping individuals with their personal financial goals using life insurance.  Through the use of Indexed Universal Life Insurance, his clients not only have a policy that they don’t have to die to use because of living benefits, but they can also enjoy a tax-free retirement income.


Christian Virzi
Regional Managing Partner
J. Galt Finance Suite

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