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Janet Gatihi

Real Estate Investor and Founder of Zenith Flip and Sell For Profit, LLC


If history is any indicator of the success that Janet Gatihi will achieve in her newest venture, Zenith Flip and Sell For Profit, LLC, we can expect to be impressed in the very near future.

Janet is what can only be described as the quintessential Renaissance Woman. She is a veteran of the US Army (honorably discharged in 2006), a photographer, a licensed massage therapist, a certified peer specialist, a volunteer, and now, a proud business-owner.

While her transition to the business world is somewhat unusual, Janet’s career history is nothing short of ambitious. Growing up in the Bay Area, she was enamored with the Bohemian influences around her and initially pursued a career in the arts. She attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco to study digital photography but with a proclivity towards altruism, she then progressed to health services. Janet completed studies at the National Holistic Institute, then worked as a massage therapist almost three years. After a move to Los Angeles, she became interested in social work, so she enrolled in Santa Ana College, with plans to complete her BA at Fullerton. With this endeavor in mind, she worked at a mental health center and also worked at a homeless shelter. In 2018, Janet attended a real estate workshop with her mom and found her passion and purpose.

After that initial exposure to real estate, Janet began doing research and realized that as a career, it offered two very important advantages; it allowed her to work with people and provided financial freedom. After building a network of partners and potential clients, Zenith Flip and Sell For A Profit, LLC was born.

While still relatively new in the market, Janet’s company will focus on residential property in urban areas that are experiencing growth, such as Kansas City, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Armed with a diverse skillset and a wide array of practical experience, under Janet’s leadership, the venture promises to be a successful one.

“What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger” is a mantra Janet lives by.



Janet Gatihi
Real Estate Investor/Founder of Zenith Flip and Sell For Profit, LLC
website: www.janetgphotography.com
LI:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/janetgatihi/