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Tri Ma

Hailing from a family of successful entrepreneurs, Tri Ma has always possessed a passion for helping people—a desire that ultimately led him to the insurance realm. With nearly two decades of experience, the seasoned insurance advisor advocates for his clients, providing education and expertise to look out for their best interests and to protect them through the different stages of life. In May 2008, Tri founded 3T Insurance, LLC, an independent, full insurance brokerage headquartered in Westminster, Colorado. With a focus on personal lines insurance, the agency offers an array of products, including home, auto, and commercial policies, with specialization in Medicare and life insurance. Licensed in eight states—Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Missouri—3T’s select team of agents serve thousands of clients, providing an assessment of their insurance needs and a choice of packages that fit them best. We spoke with Tri to learn more about his unique firm and how his determination to improve people’s lives manifested into a thriving, award-winning company named as one of the Best Car Insurance Agencies in Westminster in 2021 by and ranked among the top 2% in the nation as a United Healthcare Platinum Premier Producer.

What compelled you to start your own company, Tri?


I’ve always felt this deep desire to help people, and growing up, I dreamed of becoming a doctor. One day in med school, it struck me, “I don’t want to be helping people out of their lives; I want to be helping people into their lives.” Shortly after that revelation, I was offered a job with Farmers Insurance Group and started my own agency there. But I felt that I wasn’t giving the best service I could while being restricted to products from only one company. I wanted to provide them with a universe of options that would serve them best. So, I joined a brokerage and learned everything I could about that channel. I fell in love with it and was a top performer right out of the gate. A few years later, I took my skills, experience, ideas, and work ethic and launched my own company—all while finishing my MBA in Finance. As I progressed through my career, my clients moved with me, and many followed me when I launched 3T Insurance.

How is 3T different from other independent brokers?


I always have an eye on market trends and changing consumer needs. We offer the option to fill out a form on our site and provide immediate, actual quotes from a variety of companies, but we’re also very hands-on and work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs beyond the information they provide. Most companies require people to maneuver a long online process only to receive the message “An agent will call you,” or, worse, the firm sells their data to third parties. We shop for our clients, and we never sell their data. We’re also different because we offer dedicated agents and insurance carriers, many of whom can service our clients after hours. For us, it’s quality over quantity. It’s about the people we serve, many of whom have been with me for years, and our retention and referral rates are very high. In fact, most of our business comes from referrals from our happy clients.

You also focus on educating clients on insurance options. Why is this important to you?


For many people, choosing the “right” plan can be a stressful and frustrating process, and the policy language is convoluted and complex. I believe it’s incumbent upon us, as agents, to explain it in a way that people understand so that they can make an educated decision. We really look out for our clients by helping them understand the “why” behind what they have and the reason behind the coverage they need. In doing so, they trust us, and we embark on a long relationship, serving their current and future insurance needs. We focus on value—not price—and we help them understand how to use their policy properly. They also know they can call us with any questions or problems.


What made you want to specialize in Medicare and life insurance, specifically?


I enjoy being able to make an immediate, profound impact on people’s lives. An encounter with a client early in my career really solidified my decision to specialize in these areas. Like so many people I’ve served over the years, in a single meeting, I was able to assist her in getting all the help she needed and more. She couldn’t afford to see a doctor or get her medicine. We reviewed her situation together and I said, “This is what you qualify for, and this is the ideal plan for you, and why, and this is how it works. Let’s get you on these other programs that will help you out even more.” She literally cried because I was so helpful.


Life insurance can be equally complex, and I take a great deal of time to explain the differences and understand each individual’s unique needs. There are many life insurance policies out there, and it’s not “one size fits all.” We match the right product with the right person that serves their best interests. I spend as much time as needed with each of my clients, and they don’t have to pay me. When things are done right, you can have rich benefits for life.

What do you enjoy most about your work, Tri? What drives you?

What I enjoy most about my work and what drives me is the Medicare, health, and life insurance part. It excites me that I’m getting to know my clients on a personal level and helping them improve their lives—whether through peace of mind or financial freedom. It all starts with proper planning and execution from a solid platform. Underlying it all is my desire to help people.


Tri holds a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in finance and is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. Named UHC Medicare and Retirement Rookie of the Year and now, Platinum Premier Producer since 2020. He holds licenses in both life and health and property, and casualty and is Medicare certified.



Tri Ma

President and Founder

3T Insurance, LLC




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